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PRIVATE BLOG – The Gold Bounce

By admin / December 7, 2018

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Market Talk- December 7, 2018

By admin / December 7, 2018

You could probably hear the sighs of relief from Asia, after the US markets bounced from their lows Thursday morning. That certainly helped the region to open positively and manage an almost unchanged day, which was probably not a bad result after the week we have just had! The Nikkei and the SENSEX were the […]


Do Coins Reveal the Futility of our Times?

By admin / December 5, 2018

The study of coins, numismatics, has constantly expanded our knowledge of antiquity in recent decades through new discoveries which have proven so many old theories wrong and turned academics on their head when it comes to their theories. Without the consideration of the coins, many questions of ancient history would never be answered. Nevertheless, many […]


Why Has Farmland Exploded in Price? The Accidental Trend Correlation

By admin / November 29, 2018

  Most people have little idea WHY big money was targeting buying farmland in Canada, USA, and Australia. It was more than just Chinese investment. With interest rates down to negative, capital has been looking for returns. They were buying farmland and then renting it out generally for 5%. This created what many call the […]


Market Talk- November 27, 2018

By admin / November 27, 2018

Even though the US market lost a little of Mondays gains into the close, the mood in Asia still appeared reasonably constructive ahead of any trade talks. The Hang Seng was a little more confident as it responded well to rebounding tech values, but even then only managed a near unchanged close. Shanghai opened well […]


Bitcoin – The End of Cryptocurrencies?

By admin / November 26, 2018

  COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I just wanted to write to say thank you. You saved my marriage. My wife insisted I listen to you because you were right and got me out of gold. You also got me out of Bitcoin and I cannot thank you enough. These crazy people were touting a new age of […]


Real Estate – Taxes – Currency

By admin / November 16, 2018

COMMENT: Dear Martin, I bought ‘The World Real Estate Report’ at the end of 2016. It stated that Australian real estate was going to fall after the first quarter (March) in 2016. The property prices in Melbourne (where I live) continued to rise in April 2016 so I sent an email to Socrates Support asking […]


Market Talk- November 9, 2018

By admin / November 9, 2018

Even as Chinas trade expanded, it really has done nothing for stock market confidence or sentiment, especially after the poor auto sales numbers. We saw more selling pressure today as the Shanghai core index closed 1.4% lower, with the Hang Seng under even more pressure resulting in a 2.4% decline. Money is still leaving the […]


Gold & Bitcoin

By admin / November 7, 2018

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I really encountered an insane goldbug who claimed you were paid off by the gold cartel to keep the price down. These people cannot open their eyes and see anything but gold or bitcoin. Then they argue the age of knowledge and bitcoin will become the new reserve currency. You really […]


Our Political Nightmare

By admin / November 6, 2018

  As we go into the elections tomorrow, this campaign has revealed the great political divide that once it has been exploited, there is no putting it back. A Democratic win in the House guarantees that this political divide will only get wider and deeper. They cannot actually pass anything without both the White House […]

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