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US$ Rallies as Central Banks Sell Dollars

By admin / April 3, 2019

QUESTION: I am a mega dollar bull – I totally get how it is the only game in town.  I’ve lived it too, having seen how the big banks work their balance sheets from the inside. However… occasionally people send me charts like the one below and get all excited.  They say we are de dollarizing […]


Market Talk – April 2, 2019

By admin / April 2, 2019

Asia: China’s central bank asked police to investigate a fake rate-cut report. The report emerged on social media, causing pressure on tech firms within China. In other news, China furthered relationship with Russia after purchasing 24 fighter jets Su-57. The Su-57 jet is touted as the world’s best military jet, which is quite controversial as […]


Market Talk – April 1, 2019

By admin / April 2, 2019

Asia: Japan’s emperor is going to step down at the end of the month, ushering in a new imperial era called “Reiwa,” which will focus on fortunate harmony and people coming together. China is set to curb all types of fentanyl production following a plea from the U.S. The Chinese-based drug has had a huge […]


Market Talk – March 29, 2019

By admin / March 30, 2019

Asia: Today marked the second and final day in this round of U.S. – China trade negotiations in Beijing. According to RT News, “The US just ‘invaded’ an island in the East China Sea & no one noticed.” This island belongs to the Japanese, Okinawa archipelago, and was taken over and used as a military […]


Market Talk – March 28, 2019

By admin / March 29, 2019

Asia: U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer began a new round of discussions in Beijing today, and reports are that the two sides have made early progress in the current round of negotiations – including perhaps forced technology transfers. The recent issue regarding the Chinese company Huawei seems to be […]


Market Talk – March 27, 2019

By admin / March 28, 2019

Asia: China Beige Book, the only large-scale independent data provider on the Chinese economy, released a report this Wednesday indicating a first-quarter recovery. After polling 3300 Chinese businesses, the firm found that private borrowing outweighed that of state-owned enterprises. However, the cost of borrowing has risen substantially. Bank loan rates currently average 6.9%, while the […]


Market Talk – March 26, 2019

By admin / March 27, 2019

Asia: Still more bumps in the road, were the words used by the former treasury secretary Jack Lew regarding the US-China trade deal. Still, if no agreement is reached soon, the US has warned it will up the tariffs from 10% to 20% on the 200 Billion dollars’ worth of trade.  A hit to US […]


The Cultural Trends of Women in Politics during the Roman Empire

By admin / March 26, 2019

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I assume you would know the answer. Is it true that the women in ancient times were more like Hillary seeking power compared to modern times? JF ANSWER: Yes, I have heard this assertion before. It is only partially true. Unquestionably, the first woman of Eastern culture to act politically was […]


Market Talk – March 25, 2019

By admin / March 25, 2019

Asia: Little in the way of news from Asia. China promises wider financial access for foreign investors as US-China trade war talks enter a crucial stage. In an announcement to the UN in Geneva, Japan’s ambassador said his country has not developed fully autonomous weapons systems and has no plans to do so. Most of […]


Bitcoin v Gold

By admin / March 23, 2019

QUESTION: Do you think that Bitcoin will replace gold as some people claim it is some new reserve asset? Thank you for being the voice of reason in the middle of all these people preaching their own position. GD ANSWER: That is really a bizarre question. I do not see how that is possible. As […]

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