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Funds Management & Trading – Behind the Curtain

By admin / February 26, 2019

QUESTION: Hello I read all your blogs and prescribe to your market reports. I will now attend my first event in Rome. For me it all makes sense. My questions is, which you must have gotten before, why don’t you offer a fund that is based on Socrates, so that we all your followers could invest […]


To Live a Creative Life We Cannot Fear Being Wrong

By admin / October 4, 2018

QUESTION: Why do academics refuse to revise history when they are clearly wrong? This seems to be the same issue with their research on Global Warming. YK ANSWER: They seem to dig their heels in and just refuse to admit they are ever wrong. They did that with Homer claiming it was a book written […]


Understanding Share Prices will Rise When a Currency Falls

By admin / September 11, 2018

QUESTION: Hi Marty, The Venezuela vertical market chart you showed in your 9/7 post is quite interesting. To see historic examples is one thing, to see it happen in real-time, quite another. The question I have is this – How can one profit from such a move if the local currency is simultaneously plunging? Venezuela […]


Iran and & Turkey Ripe for Revolution?

By admin / August 12, 2018

A Revolution is brewing not just in Turkey, but also in Iran. More than 100,000 people have taken to the streets chanting death to the dictator. The currency has simply collapsed as it moves into hyperinflation. Once again, as we see this take place, CONFIDENCE in the government is collapsing. This is the key to […]


What to Advise Your Children to Do in Seeking a Degree

By admin / July 15, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You said that over 60% of graduates cannot find a job in what they have a degree. Is there any recommendation you would care to make on how to advise one’s children on what subject to pursue a degree? Thank you DF ANSWER: Engineering and Programming. I have NEVER met a CFO yet […]


The Path of Order Rather than Chaos Leads to Understanding

By admin / June 11, 2018

COMMENT:  If gravity is the most powerful force in the universe than the logic would collapse ECM to and that is not how reality is as you have discovered in the ECM. Gravity / Government / the weakest force in the universe, Gravity is opposite Electromagnetic Majority people are opposite government the more powerful Majority […]


How Linear Thinking that has blinded most People

By admin / May 20, 2018

COMMENT: I think I now see the light. It has been my linear thinking that has blinded me. Gold rallied and failed as was the case with the euro, British pound and so on. Putting them all together is why who said that the euro would rally because they all were indicating a pause in the […]


CURIOSITY that is the key to Everything

By admin / May 1, 2018

COMMENT: Sorry, the question being, how could it or could it be possible for, people first-time buyers, and foreign buyers to all happily own houses while supporting growth and the economy. I hope one day and highly think plausible in thousands of years time u will be looked back on as our generations Socrates , […]


The Failure of Human Judgment

By admin / April 24, 2018

QUESTION: You have said it is a waste of time to try to persuade a government to act in advance of a crisis. Nobody seems to even come close to you with experience and contacts. Still, do you think it is possible to ever change that reality? PL ANSWER: Sadly no. The only possible way to change […]

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