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BREXIT to be Signed by the Pi Target – November 21st, 2018?

By admin / November 2, 2018

COMMENT: Dear Martin I am once again in awe of your mighty computer. I refer to today’s announcement by Dominic Raab that a deal on Brexit should be ready for the 21st November. I am concerned that the UK Parlament will agree to this deal, which is a sell-out of all the main reasons we […]


The End of Britain with 2nd Referendum on BREXIT?

By admin / October 21, 2018

As many as 670,000 people protested in London to call for a second Brexit referendum. Our computer is showing that a second referendum will vote to remain but this is most likely because they will rig the vote. This is in conflict with our economic model which shows that BREXIT should still win. Keep in […]


Is Tony Blair a Traitor to Britain to Help Politicians in EU?

By admin / October 17, 2018

QUESTION: Is Tony Blair just a traitor to the British People to help his fellow politicians in Europe? JS ANSWER: Yes.  Tony Blair is out there pitching for another Brexit referendum as Prime Minister Theresa May, who also did not want to exit the EU, will be unable to secure a parliamentary majority and this seems […]


IMF Warns Britain not Brussels About Hard Exit – Another Political Forecast

By admin / September 25, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I have tracked the IMF forecasts alongside yours and it clearly appears that they are mimicking you very closely. However, something strange has taken place, for now, their latest warning it seems to be politically motivated. Lagarde warns that the U.K. economy will contract with a hard Brexit. Is this coming from […]


Theresa May Taking Britain Down with the EU Ship?

By admin / September 20, 2018

The talk in the city of London is that there is now a rising chance that Theresa May will be gone perhaps by November or by Christmas at the latest. About 50 conservative MPs have been thoroughly fed up with the PM. The split she has caused in the Conservative Party has certainly put the British […]


British Economy Booming After BREXIT

By admin / September 17, 2018

COMMENT: Marty; You are not only the only person to forecast BREXIT, you also said the British Economy would do far better after BREXIT. There was absolutely nobody that agreed with you. I read every bank report in the city and every single one said the British economy would take a nose dive in the […]


The British Pound & The Conservative Split

By admin / August 18, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, It seems that the conservatives have split into two parties here. It is the same nonsense that they pulled to overthrow Margaret Thatcher. I really do not understand why they think we have to be part of the EU which is so obviously a sinking ship. As we always said here, when […]


Is Britain Committing Suicide?

By admin / July 10, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I thought you would be wrong on the pound. I will yield to your forecasts. I do not know how you do it forecasting so many things around the world and getting them right no less. Reading between the lines who have written, on the one hand, you have said that Brexit […]

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