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Choosing the Fed Chairman

By admin / November 3, 2017

Many expect Mr. Jerome H. Powell to be President Trump pick for Fed Chairman. Trump is resisting pressure by conservatives to make a larger change at the Fed. Many conservatives, including Vice President Mike Pence, preferred John B. Taylor, who is an economist at Stanford and an outspoken critic of the Fed’s monetary policy. Taylor previously […]


ECB v the Federal Reserve – Different Animals Altogether

By admin / October 5, 2017

QUESTION: Do you you really think Trump would let the Central Banks Default? He said we would write off PoteRicos debt maybe he plans to write everything off can he do that? If this really did happen wouldn’t the dollar be worthless? S ANSWER: It seems as though far too many people ASSUME that all […]


Central Banks at Risk of Default?

By admin / October 4, 2017

Central banks do not play games with the markets but it sure feels like we are being played by someone! Earlier this year the Bank of Japan, Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank all had similar balance sheets at around $4.5 trillion.  As we know, over the past ten years all three have risen from lower levels but have […]


Will the Fed Keep Excess Reserves?

By admin / October 4, 2017

QUESTION: Hi Martin, I recently asked an Economist for a major Financial Institute the following question. Will the Fed continue to pay interest on “excess reserves” after they start to reduce their balance sheet? Their answer was yes, as it is a way to control short-term rates for private sector borrowers. I am not able […]


Central Banks Investing in Equities

By admin / September 22, 2017

QUESTION: There is a new trend that central banks are investing in the stock markets Is this true? What is the impact of this move? ANSWER: Yes. The reason has been rather straight forward. The only game in town has been US government bonds. Many have seen this as a problem the defeats diversification. Consequently, […]


ECB – Draghi & Tapering

By admin / September 4, 2017

The European Central Bank (ECB) is expected to begin reducing its bond purchases gradually tampering its stimulation program of Quantitative Easing (QE). Nevertheless, reliable sources tell of the ECB being extremely cautious fearing what will happen if buyers do not appear and rates begin to rise sharply. The difference between the ECB and the Fed […]


Yellen Reveals She Also Does Not Understand What it all Crashed in 2007-2010

By admin / August 27, 2017

The head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, has warned politicians against turning back financial market regulation, yet she herself does not comprehend what the regulation truly accomplished. She has warned that any adjustments to the framework should be discreet. The Jackson Hole gathering turned out to be financially tense. Yellen admonished politicians stating bluntly that […]


The Legal Challenge to Quantitative Easing

By admin / August 16, 2017

General view of the buildings of the Court of Justice of the European Communities It has taken almost 10 years for the ECB’s controversial government bond purchases to finally reach the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to be reviewed as to their constitutionality. There have always been serious questions whether the PSPP (Public Sector Purchase […]


ECB In Serious Trouble

By admin / June 9, 2017

The European Central Bank (ECB) left its stimulus programs and record low interest rates unchanged. Pundits were seeing some cyclical signs of what they hoped was a spreading recovery in the 19 countries that use the euro currency rather than just a bounce in anticipation of tourist season. The ECB dropped any wording that it could […]


People’s Bank of China Moves Against Shorts

By admin / June 1, 2017

It was only last week that the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) was rumoured to be competing in the currency market, which was coincidentally followed by a Moody’s downgrade. The action demonstrated signs that positions have been cut at a loss for anyone who attempted to short the Yuan. The O/N (overnight) and T/N (Tom-next) rates ballooned today which makes […]

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