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2017 Cycle of War – Third in the Series

By admin / May 7, 2017

This 2017 edition of the Cycle of War is the third in a series. This one is focused upon the Civil Unrest and how this is the source of Revolution. This turning point in the Cycle of War we have warned was the convergence of both International War and Civil Unrest. This edition will be […]


Civil Unrest in Oregon – Communist Uprising is USA?

By admin / May 2, 2017

  We have succeeded in moving close toward the Civil Unrest that can erupt into civil war. In Oregon on the Communist May Day holiday,  anti-Trump factions who are calling themselves now “anarchists” have turned violent.  They threw rocks, smoke bombs and just about anything they could at police officers during a May Day rally. Thousands […]


The Left Becoming Violent in France As they Did Against Trump

By admin / April 9, 2017

In Corsica, the left has stormed into an appearance of Marine Le Pen to disrupt her campaign. The leftist group Ghjuventu Indipendentista claims to be Corsican nationalists who want to separate from France. The group called for everyone to join using Twitter. The goal was to prevent Le Pen from making an election campaign speech in Corsica. […]


Mass Protests in Yemen Against Saudi Arabia

By admin / March 30, 2017

Two years after the start of the international war in Yemen, thousands of people in Sanaa have protested against the air raids of a Saudi-led military coalition. Protesters in the capital controlled by Houthi rebels waved Yemeni flags and called for chorus against “Saudi aggression”. The Saudis, led by the British along with the Americans, had been […]


Protests from USA to Russia

By admin / March 28, 2017

Civil Unrest is rising around the world. In the USA, demonstrations have been organized to support Donald Trump in a counter-demonstration move against the Obama/Soros uprising. In Los Angeles, Trump supporters were confronted by opponents of Trump and the two groups ended in violence. The Obama/Soros supporters were partially traditionally masked. The Trump supporters were trying […]


Tax Revolt in Belarus Turning to Mass Arrests

By admin / March 27, 2017

For weeks now, thousands of people have gone public in Belarus to protest against a special tax for “little workers” and demanded the resignation of Aleksandr Grigoryevich Lukashenko who has been the autocratic President of Belarus, in office since July 20th, 1994. Lukashenko issued a decree that people who work less than six months a year have […]


Ukrainian Revolution Continues

By admin / March 7, 2017

Many people have claimed that the Ukrainian Revolution was all orchestrated by the CIA. That claim comes from the conspiracy side of people who comment without any direct knowledge. I have had many friends there. One had the courage to go up to a Russian solider and thank them for protecting them and they allowed […]


Another Coup Building in Turkey?

By admin / March 7, 2017

Our sources in Turkey are hinting that there is building the resentment against Erdogan and he knows that there is trouble in the wind. Erdogan is desperate to blame the West and find an enemy to point the finger at for all the problems he has caused including the collapse in the currency. Erdogan is now […]


The Woman’s March

By admin / February 23, 2017

QUESTION: Didn’t Madonna advocate blowing up the White House? You haven’t commented on that. ANSWER: While Madonna’s speech at the Woman’s March has been touted that she advocated blowing up the White House, that was a bit exaggerated and taken out of context. She said: “Yes I am angry. Yes I am outraged. Yes I have […]

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