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Climate Change – Catastrophic or Linear Slow Progression?

By admin / March 7, 2018

Indeed, science was turned on its head after a discovery in 1772 near Vilui, Siberia, of an intact frozen woolly rhinoceros, which was followed by the more famous discovery of a frozen mammoth in 1787. You may be shocked, but these discoveries of frozen animals with grass still in their stomachs set in motion these […]


Britain Buried in Snow Thanks to Global Warming & No Food?

By admin / March 5, 2018

The British Government forecasters have issued the first red snow warning in five years as the UK braces for potentially the worst blizzard in more than 50 years. Britain has seen as much snow as the Bizzard of 1962 and of course, they are blaming Global Warming. If it gets hot it is caused by man. […]


When Did Global Warming Theory Begin?

By admin / March 4, 2018

Back in 1967, the International Global Atmospheric Research Program was established, mainly to gather data for better short-range weather prediction, but included climate. The following year, this was the beginning of biased studies which suggested that a possibility of a collapse of the Antarctic ice sheets would raise sea levels catastrophically. They put forth the idea that […]


Under Water Wonder of the World

By admin / March 3, 2018

COMMENT: Hello Martin and Friends, I recently found this article about an ancient Indian burial ground found off the coast of Venice, Florida. It’s 7,000 years old. This is another piece of evidence suggesting that rising ocean waters are not a modern phenomenon and a cyclical event like you suggested. Have a nice day, R […]


California Counties Suing Exxon Commit Securities Fraud?

By admin / February 23, 2018

The Global Warming Conspiracy is desperately trying to destroy the world and end modern society as we know it. Of course, it is California countries who have argued in court bringing a lawsuit against Exxon and others claiming that by 2050, their towns will be destroyed and under water because of the fossil fuels. Exxon has […]


Climate Change Conspiracy Against us All

By admin / February 20, 2018

800,000-year Ice-Core Records of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) QUESTION: Are you saying that CO2 is not a pollutant and we should not be concerned about rising levels? OD ANSWER: Correct. CO2 levels have been much higher than currently over the millennia. The Global Warming crowd has an agenda and the core of that is to reduce the […]


Global Warming Conspriacy

By admin / February 16, 2018

  There is a major Global Warming Conspiracy that is threatening our entire way of life and is out to destroy the global economy. These sick and evil people are trying to launch lawsuits to put the oil industry out of business. They have absolutely no alternative to how the economy would function and they are […]


Worst Drought in Capetown in 112 Years – Part of the Cycle

By admin / February 8, 2018

QUESTION: Marty, Any thoughts/comments regarding the impending water shortage in Capetown? As a person who has much historical knowledge, are you aware of a major city such as Capetown ever running out of water? Or is this truly a historical first? Love your blog as it covers so much information and isn’t just corporate financial data […]


Is Climate Change a Tool to Eliminate Democracy?

By admin / January 16, 2018

COMMENT: Your view on denying climate change is supporting the capitalist model. This shows you have no credibility. OD REPLY: Climate is changing and it is part of the normal cycle – not human-induced. You are actually correct that I support capitalism and freedom and am against authoritarianism and totalitarian systems. What you fail to […]


Greenhouses Gases Are a Product of Civilization for Thousands of Years

By admin / January 15, 2018

QUESTION: Do you believe we are going into an ice age? ANSWER: No. At best we return to a mini-ice age and stop there hopefully. There are those who argue that a decline in solar activity, which they cannot deny, will not be enough to offset the human created Global Warming. There are so many […]

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