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Was McCain Institute the Same Deal as Clinton Foundation?

By admin / October 12, 2018

COMMENT: The view of John McCain from outside the United States is completely opposite of how the American press portrays him. I even heard like Hillary, he too had a foundation that people had to donate to for him to sponsor certain bills. HJ REPLY: Oh yes, there is no question that the press outside […]


Trump Throws Hand Grenade into Russian Investigation

By admin / September 19, 2018

  Well, it was only a matter of time. President Trump on Monday threw a  hand grenade into the center of the Russian investigation that was all started by Hillary blaming the leak of  Democratic Party emails on Russia and Trump colluded with them. The Democrats and Hillary then paid to create the infamous dossier […]


Mueller is Conspiring to Overthrow Trump & How to Stop Him

By admin / September 4, 2018

Mueller has conspired with others in the Deep State to take down Donald Trump as President. The way they do that is, in fact, to prosecute absolutely everyone around him to compel them to give false evidence against an individual. That is the standard operating procedure in how criminal cases are brought. The talk behind the […]


EU Considering Requiring a Broadcaster License to have YouTube Channel

By admin / August 28, 2018

While in the US some people have discovered that running a YouTube Channel can get you in trouble with the law. One many found himself in Georgia with being charged with running a business without a license even though he was not selling anything just offering his opinion. Of course, there are two licensing options […]


Connecting the Dots Behind the Curtain?

By admin / August 24, 2018

There is an interesting piece running around the internet that someone has put together. Other than Lisa H. Barsoomian, the connections are true. Indeed, the characters in the play are all incredibly connected and it certainly appears that there is a deep and dark conspiracy against Trump. But this is not against Trump simply because they […]


Cheney & Rumsfeld the Machiavellian Puppet Masters Behind the Iraq War

By admin / August 16, 2018

  There is so much behind the scenes to the creation of a false narrative to wage war in Iraq it is no joke. The story laid out by James Bamford offers another slice of the war story that was sold to the world. Those behind this sales-pitch will never be prosecuted because they are above the law […]


Romanians Out Again over Government Corruption

By admin / August 13, 2018

Once again, tens of thousands of Romanians have taken to the streets demanding the end of corruption in government. At least 450 people were injured in clashes with the police who are still defending the government against the people. We are looking at a worldwide epidemic of corruption in government that has known no bounds. This is […]


Why Did the USA Invade Iraq?

By admin / August 10, 2018

  QUESTION: I recently watched the movie Shock & Awe on the Iraq War. It really showed how the pretend free press are just stenographers for the government and that your President Trump is absolutely correct about fake news. The movie ended with the New York Times apologizing for its fake reporting. Previously you said you […]

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