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More Emails reveal Hillary’s Conflict of Interest

By admin / August 16, 2016

Hillary has unquestionably been open for business. All the financial scandals of the Clintons belong to her from Travelgate forward. This latest batch of emails shows that donating to the Clinton Foundation was the means to get access to the Secretary of State. This is really unprecedented. The Hillary White House is going to be party […]


The Computer Has No Human Bias or Input

By admin / August 12, 2016

QUESTION: Hi Martin: Thanks for your blog entries and daily market talk. Question: are the arrays independent of the outcomes of the USA election outcome? If they aren’t, what does Socrates forecast with each candidate winning? Thank you. DA ANSWER: There is absolutely no human input whatsoever. Everything is within the system. The arrays are not […]


Public Sectors are Devouering the Private Sector

By admin / August 8, 2016

QUESTION: Dear Marty, I understand your general message and totally agree with it. I now see the big picture in a systematic trend and everything moving in the direction Socrates has forecast. I do have a few questions though. Can we call the trend: the public sectors trend to swallow the private sector? In other words, […]


Perception of Global Corruption Rising

By admin / August 5, 2016

Awareness of government corruption is rising on a global scale. This is all part of the private wave that peaks in 2032.95. We are experiencing the complete craziness of a collapsing government. Hillary Clinton is the classic example. Compared to Richard Nixon, who had to deal with 18.5 minutes of recorded conversations that were allegedly […]

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