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The Dow for Today’s Close — April 1, 2016

By admin / April 1, 2016

QUESTION: Dear Martin, I have been reading your work for several years. since you were in prison…I was able to download it from the internet and saved it all. I bought your Gold and Banking Analyses and read your daily pieces religiously. I was not able to attend the WEC as it appears you favor conferences in […]


Markets in Review for the Close of Q1 2016

By admin / April 1, 2016

When you have a consistent system that is running on absolutely everything around the world, you can simply look at it dispassionately and judge everything by the same standards. In gold, euro, Canadian dollar, DAX, and many other markets, we generally moved to weekly, monthly and/or quarterly reversals and then stopped shy of electing them. This typically reflects […]


Market Closing for the Week Today

By admin / March 24, 2016

Today will be the close for the week and this will be an important indicator. A closing in gold below 1237.50 will warn of weakness. We have important technical resistance at the 1245 level and a closing back below that breakout line will also warn that the upward momentum is starting to decline. Gold bounced […]


The Dow For the week of 03/14/2016

By admin / March 12, 2016

While the markets have cheered the public admission that the central banks have completely failed in their quantitative easing and they will now buy more for longer, the technical profile is not as buoyant as it might appear on the surface. We have at least begun to enter the resistance area, but we have still […]


PE Ratio – Mania v Panic

By admin / March 7, 2016

QUESTION:  Hi Mr. Armstrong, Some of your readers, me included, wonder how the Dow is going to get to 23,000 or more, especially as we go through an economic slowdown. This would suggest a P/E of around 23 or higher. Is the common thinking that would accompany such a move similar to past manias (tulipmania, […]


Dow Update for Month-End Closing of February 2016

By admin / March 1, 2016

We did not elect any bullish reversals. March remains our Directional Change target and the Dow could not close above 16934 for February. Looking ahead, we see the weeks of 03/14 and 03/23 (array posted on the private blog for the Investor level). We have also not elected any Weekly Bullish Reversals. The 17000 level […]


Dow Outlook – Month End February 2016

By admin / February 28, 2016

  Technically, the Dow Jones Industrials almost set up to make a “Channel Move” between two channels, but they interestingly overlapped instead with no gap between. This is one reason the S&P 500 could break last year’s low, but not the Dow. We made a new high for the month on Friday closing at 16639.97. […]


The Week of February 29th

By admin / February 24, 2016

The markets have been churning back and forth. The trading range for key support and resistance in the Dow resides at 17406 and 16215. A closing outside that range on a daily basis will pick the direction. In Gold Nearest Futures that is 1237 and 1162. Monday we will have our month-end numbers coming into […]


The Market in Perspective

By admin / February 14, 2016

Last week we had a Panic Cycle in Gold and a Directional Change. Both performed on target.  As we have stated previously, the Directional Change can be by itself a very fascinating tool. The Directional Change can at times be the beginning of a breakout to a new trading level (major thrust) in one directions […]

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