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How Do We Really Forecast the Future?

By admin / March 28, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; It is obvious that you have indeed been behind the curtain for your knowledge of even global politics is amazing. Kim Jong Un is here in Beijing. You said he would back down. You said the risk of war lies in the Middle East, not Korea. Your model calls the markets. You […]


Visualizing Cycles in Your Mind Helps to Comprehend How to Respond to Events

By admin / March 18, 2018

QUESTION: Is there a way to teach cycles that will enable others to see them more easily? ANSWER: Oh yes. Students who developed visual mental models of cyclical principles flourish, while students who tried to learn cycles by rote invariably struggled. The mental picture is critical. It is a roadmap to the future. Just visualize […]


Happy Pi Day – The Perfect Cycle

By admin / March 14, 2018

  Well, Julius Caesar was not assassinated precisely on Pi, it was the Ides of March – the 15th. Yet this is the man who unified Europe. They named July after him, Caesarian birth how he was born, and the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands after which the State of New Jersey was named […]


The Economic Confidence Model & Why there are 6 waves

By admin / March 10, 2018

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, Firstly – sorry to hear about the passing of your mother. Secondly – thank you very much for reading and answering questions. My question – what is the significance of the six repetitions in the ECM? Six 8.6 years make a cycle and six of these make a larger cycle and […]


Did the Economic Confidence Model Pick the Trump Tax Reform?

By admin / December 20, 2017

  It is very interesting how the 2017.9 (Nov 24/25) turning point on the Economic Confidence Model has marked a most astonishing political event. The House passed their version of the Trump Tax Reform on Thursday, November 16th, 2017 just 8 days before the ECM target. Then on November 29th, 2017, the Senate passed a procedural vote on […]


ECM Turning Point this Weekend

By admin / November 24, 2017

  The Turning Point on the ECM is this weekend. We do happen to have a Directional Change next week in the Dow with the next turning point due the week of 12/04 and that is followed by the week of 12/18. What is most curious, is the fact that the Dow, Euro, Gold, and […]


The ECM Turning Point Here in November

By admin / November 8, 2017

QUESTION: Marty, First off, I would like to say it was truly a pleasure meeting you at the cocktail party this past weekend. Congratulations on presenting an incredible conference. It was my first time attending and I will definitely be there again next year. Furthermore, let me tell you that I was very impressed with […]


2015.75 was Just the Beginning

By admin / September 30, 2017

QUESTION: Hello Mr Armstrong I have not forgotten when I saw the reportage about you on TV when you announced that in October 2015 will start the big economic collapse. do you think that that date was bit early or really there is some thing happened? Thank you very much Mr Martin. I’m one of your fans. […]


Changing Cycle Frequencies Produces Different Effects

By admin / May 4, 2017

QUESTION: Marty, I’m glad that you’ve showed a couple of examples in the past few articles, as per how you apply ECM and volatility cycle waves to events. Yet, can you please explain the methodology and criteria which you use in deciding how to apply them? What is the criteria with which you choose the starting […]

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