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Universal Basic Income

By admin / June 25, 2019

  The idea of some Universal Basic Income has been around for a long time. Here is Milton Friedman on his proposal of a Negative Income Tax. There will always be welfare for there are people who cannot work for some disability and others who prefer not to work and game the system. Even programs […]


The Central Banks are Trapped – the End of Economics as we have Known it

By admin / June 21, 2019

Draghi has come out and said that is inflation will not pick up, he will do even more Quantitative Easing. I warned that the central banks, particularly the ECB, are trapped. They simply cannot return to any normal economic model without blowing up the entire Eurozone. This is becoming extremely serious. The only option for […]


The Fed is Between a Rock & a Hard Place

By admin / June 13, 2019

QUESTION: Dear Mr Armstrong, Not sure if I am understanding it correctly. Is the FED currently between a rock and a hard place? The FED is not able to cut rates (implement QE) due to the current pending/ongoing crisis of the US pensions, and they cannot raise interest rates as it’s going to cause more […]


How the Rich Make Their Money

By admin / June 11, 2019

  QUESTION: Good Sir, When you say the ‘rich get rich by investments, not wages’ you fail to identify the following wealthy class. CEO’s of corporations, ‘Hollywood’ movie stars, Sports athletes, Recording artists, etc. Regards and continued success, An avid follower LB ANSWER: There are always exceptions, but those who receive big bonuses or high […]


The Future – Which Door to Enter

By admin / June 9, 2019

QUESTION: Good day Mr. Armstrong, I have been a student of yours since 2001 and am always amazed at your work. I am not one that can afford to go to your seminars, but would love to know all that you discuss there. Could you write a book about what all is discussed there? My […]


Could the Great Depression Have Been Prevented?

By admin / June 7, 2019

QUESTION: Dear Martin, I appreciate all you share. I watched a series on the Great Depression and they talk about how socialism saved capitalism. If true, is this part of a healthy cycle between the two? Could anything have been done to prevent the Great Depression? Thank you! LB   ANSWER: It was not socialism […]


Do Sanctions Ever Work?

By admin / June 5, 2019

QUESTION: Hello, with all the talk of sanctions in the news against North Korea and Iran, have sanctions against a country ever worked? Aren’t they a pretext that leads to violence and war? Has any country that was developing nuclear weapons ever been prevented from eventually having them? Thanks, Bill ANSWER: Sanctions have never worked. […]


The Real Wealth of a Nation

By admin / May 30, 2019

QUESTION: Dear Martin, Whereas for years you have put in a solid 5,000 year data for arguing for no individual taxes yet in countries around the Middle East there is no income tax. Yet they have not made any dynamic economic progress as such. I mean the evidence is seen by us live. How do […]

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