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Economic Migration v Welfare Migration

By admin / June 15, 2018

COMMENT: Sir, After reading your blog post about the 300% increase in the cost of healthcare for refugees, I wondered the cost in this country for illegal aliens. Healthcare. Education. Food stamps. Etc. I googled anywhere from 3.4 to 11 billion dollars from health care alone. I laughed out loud after reading the above. You […]


Supply v Demand-Side Economic & What is Never Discussed

By admin / June 12, 2018

COMMENT: Usury, first the Fed starves we savers for return for 18 years with their zero percent interest rates and gave us two giant stock market crashes in that intervening period. The lack of return caused us to cannibalize our savings and trillions of savings lost thru the stock market crashes and ditto home equity. Then […]


The Misconception of Central Banks

By admin / June 11, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I was at the Treasury Management Association of Canada (TMAC) conference in Vancouver when you appeared as a speaker as well as Peter Detallis of the Bank of Canada if I remember his name correctly. I was there at the cocktail party when the Finance Minister of Nova Scotia said you diminished the […]


West Coast & the Insane Socialistic Hunt for Taxes

By admin / June 3, 2018

I have been warning that we are in a battle to the death against the socialists. The West Coast is becoming the place to leave as fast as you possibly can for any business. There are already companies starting to migrate from Silicon Valley to Texas. The migration has begun. More and more Tech firms are […]


Debt is Only Money that Pays Interest

By admin / May 31, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I listened to your interview with Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog. For the first time, I really understand that debt is money that pays interest. That is the real money supply which is leveraged. It is the interest that keeps expanding the debt and forcing taxes higher and higher until it can’t expand anymore. […]


Will We Have Anything Left to Leave Our Grandchildren?

By admin / May 30, 2018

QUESTION: Martin Thanks again for all you do. The subtext of most of what you talk about is overwhelmingly negative. Inflation, deflation, earthquakes, disease, government default, over taxation….. etc. Am I correct in thinking that despite your advice you anticipate most of your readers, even the most wealthy, will be left with little to hand over […]


What Fields Will Survive Going Forward?

By admin / May 20, 2018

QUESTION: Hi Martin, You are a clever man and all the best to you.  I am a 43 yr old man that is still looking for his way in life.  In short, knowing what you know, what business would you strive to get into? I am purely looking for some sound advice as everyone is […]


What Really Causes Inflation & Deflation?

By admin / May 11, 2018

QUESTION: why national debts eventually default Martin to answer this question you said: we need to introduce currency. France and Germany were less impacted by converting to the Euro than Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Why? Currency Inflation! My question is if it is not the quantity of money that is making $1 million buy […]


Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel

By admin / May 4, 2018

  Stay up to date on the latest videos from Armstrong Economics by subscribing to our YouTube channel! Visit the Armstrong Economics YouTube channel and click the “subscribe” button to receive notifications from YouTube when new videos are posted. (Please note you can view the videos without subscribing to our channel. For instructions on how […]

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