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Money Changers Refusing to Accept Australia $100 Bills

By admin / January 6, 2017

Because Australia has convened a commission to terminate the $100 bill, in the wake of the currency being cancelled overnight in India, there is a growing distrust of high denomination euros and Australian bills. What is interesting is A$100 notes are nonnegotiable now in India. The same is happening in Europe with the €500 bills. There […]


Euro v Dollar for Hoarding

By admin / December 1, 2016

  QUESTION: Hello Martin, A year ago or so you said ‘ I highly recommend Europeans to hoard Dollars instead of Euros. I suppose that hasn’t changed. Do you see in the meanwhile a risk for hoarding Dollars here in Europe ? Are we even facing the Dollar Cash to be cancelled soon ? Thank […]


The Dollar with a Trump Victory

By admin / November 9, 2016

The dollar should make a reaction to the downside with a Trump victory, which is totally illogical. We need a weekly closing ABOVE 11284 to signal some follow-through up to 11460 area. However, if Euro closes below 11197, then it’s all over and we will see the dollar rise, not fall. There does not appear […]


The Week in Review – July 11, 2016

By admin / July 16, 2016

The world economy is clearly causing the fundamentalists to flip-flop endlessly. They offer only opinions, and these are the times that will break the reasoning of men and try their very judgments. We have entered the phase where unless you comprehend capital flow analysis, you stand little chance of surviving the remaining years as we […]


The Euro on the Brink of Disaster

By admin / July 11, 2016

  We are looking at the collapse of Europe unfold much faster than anyone suspected. I have been warning that the Continental EU banks are in serious trouble. The negative interest rates have devastated Europe. While trying to stimulate borrowers who are not interested without an opportunity to make money, the ECB has wiped out […]


Fate of the Euro

By admin / July 3, 2016

QUESTION: Dear Mr Armstrong. I attended the Berlin conference and already enrolled for Orlando as well. I have a question regarding the EURO. It is obvious that the EU cannot be sustained as is. I think, so far, I do understand the decline of the EURO. We see it happen. But Germany and France are vigorously […]


Euro Closes for June at 11095

By admin / July 1, 2016

The euro closed for June on the cash feed at 11095, which was just a hair under the May low of 11098. This is not a Reversal, but merely a technical indication of weakness. Support during July lies at the 10880-10810 area, and resistance begins at 11220 and 11440 with the major technical resistance way […]


The Pound & Euro For Month-End

By admin / June 30, 2016

We can see that the green uptrend line has been penetrated previously on this decline. Nevertheless, the euro is unable to rally beyond that 116 level where it elected the Yearly Bearish Reversal at year-end. So people have been impatient and expect instantaneous moves despite the fact we warned the euro had to go back […]


It’s Not the British – It’s the EU

By admin / June 27, 2016

  While everyone is busy blaming the Brits, the real culprit is the EU. The audacity of various EU ministers demanding immediate withdraw is akin to a spouse who just discovered their partner was cheating. They may say beware of a woman scorned, well it looks like this applies to male politicians as well. The […]

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