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The Coming Storm – Stock Pile Food & Water for 30 days

By admin / August 22, 2016

  The German government is now advising its people to stockpile food for 10 days. This advice should be heeded throughout Europe and even in the United States. Here are the storage tips from the Red Cross. This is now time to begin to do this. Those who have the basement space, may also want […]



By admin / August 14, 2016

This week, a German cooperative savings bank in the Bavarian village of Gmund am Tegernsee with less than 10,000 in population, announced it will begin charging retail customers to hold their cash starting in September. This will apply to accounts greater than €100,000 euros. This means the bank will charge customers 0.4 percent, which amounts to […]


Europe Begins to Rebel Against Austerity

By admin / August 9, 2016

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I attended the Berlin Conference. I have to say that you have done an excellent job of laying everything out from the rally in the euro back to 116 to the rally in gold and its failure to get past 1362 not to mention Brexit and the breakout in the Dow. You […]


Germany Raids Healthcare Funds to Support Refugee Crisis

By admin / August 9, 2016

COMMENT: Dear Martin, you always claim that the costs for social security will become unpayable from 2017 onwards. In Germany we have health care system organized by the federal government / the federal state. The government now created a “turbo” to bankrupt this system: The government passed a law that allows them to take 1.5 billion […]


European Bonds – The Hedge Against the Euro Collapse?

By admin / July 19, 2016

(Note: The blue labels mark the change in the issues we used to create this perpetual index for long bonds) Germany sold 10-year debt at a negative yield on Wednesday of last week, becoming the first Eurozone nation to do so and setting a further milestone in the relentless fall of government bond yields around […]


Just Shut up & Pay a TV Tax — So What if You Don’t Have One!

By admin / July 9, 2016

When it comes to taxes, just shut up and pay. It does not matter what the “intent” is — just pay. The German High Court upheld a broadcasting tax that requires everyone to pay for TV and radio. It seemed logical to question why someone should pay the tax if they do not own a TV or […]


Schäuble Says Europe Needs More Refugees to Prevent Inbreeding

By admin / June 13, 2016

German Finance Minister Schäuble is touted to replace Merkel. Like other politicians of his age, he too is just in a state of denial. Despite the fact that 2/3 of Germans are fed up with Merkel over the immigration issue, Schäuble is calling for more immigration into Europe. Otherwise, Europe will “degenerate into [an] inbred” continent. Once a […]


Censorship? Manipulating the News?

By admin / June 11, 2016

COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong, Is there a bug in my computer or has the latest the Nigel Farage video been removed from your blog? I also can’t find the recent more private video on migrant problems in Germany, which was rather shocking for us as the German press is not allowed to automatically report on […]


Are Career Politicians trying to create a Dictatorship?

By admin / March 15, 2016

We have a very serious crisis in democracy brewing. The establishment is deliberately sending protesters to Trump rallies to create the image that the bulk of the people are against Trump. Worse is the prospect that, even if Trump wins the Republican primaries, they will not allow him to be the Republican candidate. This is […]


Germany on the Threshold of an Unprecedented Radicalization

By admin / March 4, 2016

The president of the German secret service, Hans-Georg Maassen, has come out and warned that the uncontrolled immigration has created a serious safety risk to Germany because the authorities no longer know who is in the country. If people think U.S. politics are going in the gutter, look at Germany where politicians have created a […]

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