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Is Trump Really the Answer?

By admin / October 13, 2016

Well, of course not. NOBODY is willing to run for office that you would say is truly qualified. The other crazy aspect is that people really think electing a president could change something. Hillary is the corrupt politician gone wild. Not that she is the only one by far. She is just the poster-child for everything […]


WikiLeaks Postpones Release of Hillary Documents

By admin / October 4, 2016

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has long-promised a document dump on Hillary Clinton that many have suspected might be her emails. This was to take place today from the balcony of London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange has sought sanctuary for years. This event has been canceled due to what he deems as “security concerns” imposed by the […]


The Press Conspiracy Against Trump Continues

By admin / October 1, 2016

CNBC came out and said it is breaking its non-endorsement policy to say Trump is unfit. While the press should never endorse anyone, this election is revealing just how corrupt the press really is. They are conspiring against the people, if not the entire world, to maintain politics as-is. Yahoo reported, “Getty Images Investor Howard Marks […]


October Surprise – Hillary FIRST, America SECOND

By admin / September 30, 2016

The Hillary Clinton email scandal never ends. In all reality, one has to really question why Democrats are allowing her to run as their candidate. They seem to be making a choice between being a Democrat and being an American. Hillary’s email practices will not go away because most reasonable people know that you do […]


Why Won’t Hillary Release Her Medical Records? What is She Hiding?

By admin / September 29, 2016

The talk behind the curtain is that Hillary has a brain implant to calm her Parkinson’s disease. This way to deal with the disease is becoming more common as the FDA has approved such implants. This video shows the dramatic results of how this technology works. The rumor is that this is why Hillary was not publicly around for […]


Hillary Also Had An Undisclosed Gmail Account

By admin / September 27, 2016

Hillary also had an undisclosed Gmail account. It’s amazing how Hillary hides everything, never tells the truth, covers everything up, and yet the New York Times endorses her. You have to wonder what is going on here. This woman is so distrustful that there is no comparison to any other American politician in history. They threw […]


Obama Used a Fictitious Name to Communicate with Hillary on Her Private Server

By admin / September 27, 2016

Once a politician, always a politician. They are just incapable of telling the truth. The New York Post, who may become the American version of the British Guardian, has now exposed that Obama used a fake name to communicate with Hillary on her private server because he KNEW what she was doing. While tens of thousands of Clinton’s emails […]


Is the World Political Economy Melting Down?

By admin / September 21, 2016

Many people have asked are we collapsing as did Rome? The answer is absolutely YES. Like Rome, the state always turns against its people as its need for money always expands. Like the Romans, we have lost our independence, our integrity, and our freedom. The world political economy is melting down before our eyes as […]


The Questionable Candidate

By admin / September 14, 2016

This parody is of course based on the hilarious movie “Weekend at Bernies,” and how they carry a dead guy around to keep the party going. This election, despite the polls, is much tighter on a state by state battleground. States that are traditionally Democrat like New Hampshire are in play. The polls are 1% apart in […]

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