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Republican v Democrats – Is Something Really Changing?

By admin / September 13, 2016

There is another aspect to the 2016 presidential election that seems to be missing from discussions. There the very basic fundamental issue concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails, since her erasing such emails was clearly an obstruction of justice. The Justice Department gave IMMUNITY for such a crime to Paul Combetta, who erased Hillary’s emails. Bryan Pagliano, her former campaign […]


Opinion Infected by Bias

By admin / September 9, 2016

QUESTION: Marty; Why do you say your opinion is not worth much? You have been around for some time and you are the only analyst to have been behind the curtain. If anyone’s opinion carries any weight, it has to be yours. RJ ANSWER:Yes. Experience is everything. You cannot forecast something you have never seen, […]


The Road Ahead

By admin / September 2, 2016

I am receiving tons of emails from amazed readers who are congratulating me on our model that forecast a rise in third party activity from Europe to Asia. This rise is becoming obvious everywhere around the globe as a new era of anti-establishment. I showed this chart of the number of European separatist movements back at […]


Hillary’s Corruption Knows No End

By admin / August 27, 2016

The revelations about Hillary are never ending. Even Donald Trump who admits buying politicians donated $100,000 to Hillary’s Foundation back in 2009. While others were handing her tens of millions to get deals from the State Department, with a token $100,000, Trump was obviously just putting his name on the list for influence as he […]


Hillary Avoids Testifying Again

By admin / August 25, 2016

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan from the US District Court in Washington has ruled that Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton does not need to give a sworn testimony in a lawsuit concerning her use of an unauthorized private email system for her work as US secretary of state. Instead, Clinton must respond in writing to questions submitted […]


FBI Uncovers 14,900 Undisclosed Clinton Emails

By admin / August 24, 2016

A federal judge has ordered the State Department to turn over emails before the election. The Obama Administration has been trying to protect Hillary all the way. The FBI has discovered that Hillary Clinton’s private email server had another 14,900 emails and documents from her time as Secretary of State that her attorneys had not disclosed. This […]


Does Bill Clinton Have Alzheimer’s?

By admin / August 20, 2016

A number of emails have come in since the rumor mill is now circulating that Bill Clinton has Alzheimer’s disease. In July, I wrote that my sources in Hollywood had said that Bill was not as sharp as he used to be. It has now even made the National Enquirer, but of course, they exaggerated what is going on and claimed […]


A Review of “Hillary’s America”

By admin / August 20, 2016

I went to go see “Hillary’s America.” When I Googled to see where it was playing, there were a bunch of pro-Hillary sites at the top of the page. Nevertheless, about four down, I finally came to the movie. The movie was different than I expected. It went through the history of the Democratic Party, […]


Perception of Global Corruption Rising

By admin / August 5, 2016

Awareness of government corruption is rising on a global scale. This is all part of the private wave that peaks in 2032.95. We are experiencing the complete craziness of a collapsing government. Hillary Clinton is the classic example. Compared to Richard Nixon, who had to deal with 18.5 minutes of recorded conversations that were allegedly […]

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