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Hillary & the Email Conspiracy that even Taints Obama

By admin / June 28, 2016

I previously reported on June 15, that Russia hacked Hillary’s emails. That is now starting to surface in the press, but naturally outside the USA where the press is more interested in attending her coronation. The notorious Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation was among the targets of Russian hackers. There is no question about […]


Hillary is Really Corrupt

By admin / June 24, 2016

When Hillary was the Secretary of State, she refused to appoint an Inspector General to monitor her department. It was clear that she did not want anyone snooping around so she could hide her private emails and greed. She even sold positions on the International Security Advisory Board. Commodities trader Raj Fernando “bought” his appointment […]


Hillary Clinton – “Crisis of Character”

By admin / June 17, 2016

More people are writing books about the Clintons to expose their corruption than any other president or presidential candidate in history. While Bill has dominated if not set a record for sexual scandals, it has been Hillary who dominates all the financial scandals. That really says something for a first lady – no first lady […]


The Accountability Act

By admin / June 16, 2016

A lot of people have asked what my platform would be if I ran for president. Aside from eliminating the income tax and imposing term limits upon Congress (one time and you are out), I would champion the Accountability Act. The Inspector General’s report clearly shows Hillary should be charged under 18 U.S. Code § 2071, […]


71% of Democrats Want Hillary to Run Even if Charged with a Felony

By admin / June 7, 2016

Amazingly, 71% of Democrats think Hillary Clinton should continue running for president if she is charged with a felony in connection with her private email use while serving as secretary of state. Exactly how does someone run the country from prison? Of course, those identifying themselves as Democrats are the over-50 generation, whereas the under-30 […]


Hillary Doesn’t Get It

By admin / May 28, 2016

  There is no question that Hillary is playing the “woman card.” Hillary Clinton will join the all-female cast of “Ghostbusters,” playing that women card to the hilt. Hollywood is the Mecca for liberal females and Democrats who worship a dogma before the big white “Hollywood” sign. They are just as terrible as the mainstream media […]


The Pension Crisis is Starting

By admin / May 3, 2016

The pension crisis set in motion by negative interest rates will be a major issue in the years ahead. Central banks have really screwed the entire social system and now everyone’s future is at risk. You cannot maintain negative to exceptionally low interest rates to help the bankers and claim it will ignite inflation and […]


Clinton Speaking Fees Since 2001 Total $125 Million

By admin / January 26, 2016

Hillary will not release transcripts of her speeches at Goldman Sachs for which she was paid $675,000. The New York Times has reported that she has racked up $30 million in speaking fees in just 16 months. However, the total … →

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