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Market Talk- December 7, 2018

By admin / December 7, 2018

You could probably hear the sighs of relief from Asia, after the US markets bounced from their lows Thursday morning. That certainly helped the region to open positively and manage an almost unchanged day, which was probably not a bad result after the week we have just had! The Nikkei and the SENSEX were the […]


Market Talk- December 6, 2018

By admin / December 7, 2018

The reason given by many, for todays weakness was the arrest of Huawei CFO (Meng Wanzhou) and that rocked confidence. Technology shares were hit which led to core indices declining across the region. The Hang Seng performed the worst declining 2.47% and that was closely matched by the Shanghai’s -1.7% fall. The CNY reversed much […]


Market Talk- December 5, 2018

By admin / December 5, 2018

Having seen a worrisome 800 point decline in the DOW, Asia opened on an equally cautious note. All core indices opened at least 1% lower with only Shanghai and the Australian All Ord’s showing any kind of a recovery (despite some poor data). Many are concerned over the inversion of parts of the Treasury curve […]


Market Talk- December 4, 2018

By admin / December 4, 2018

Most of yesterdays gains were reversed today as early currency performance tended to replace equities. Selling in the Nikkei ahead of year end was somewhat counterbalanced by the Yen’s 1% appreciation. Selling of auto’s, industrials and steel producers weighed on the Nikkei which also led to renewed buying of JGB’s. In late US trading the […]


Market Talk- December 3, 2018

By admin / December 3, 2018

The key weekend headline for all markets was the agreement between China and the USA on a temporary suspension of further trade tariffs. Although this is only for a period of 90-days, it does offer an ease of tension which will be much enjoyed by the markets. Almost all core Asian indices opened around 2% […]


Market Talk- November 30, 2018

By admin / November 30, 2018

After an initial morning wobble, Asian stocks managed some positive momentum to close the day on a healthy note. The Shanghai suffered from low volume, but the final hours trading closed on the days high gaining +0.81%. The Hang Seng hit its days high late morning and then drifted back to close just +0.21% firmer. […]


Market Talk- November 29, 2018

By admin / November 29, 2018

The Shanghai index managed to hold onto gains for longer than the Hang Seng, but eventually both closed negative. Talk is, that a US/China Trade deal would be forthcoming but with a distinct lack of detail and a possible misinterpretation by markets. Core Shanghai reacted most with a 1.3% decline, while Hong Kong held in […]


Market Talk- November 28, 2018

By admin / November 28, 2018

Asian markets were buoyant in the hope the meeting between USA and China over the next few days would prove fruitful. Early losses were quickly reversed leading to 1% gains for both Shanghai and the Hong Kong’s Hang Seng indices. The Nikkei gained strength throughout the day, but should be viewed together with a weakening […]


Market Talk- November 27, 2018

By admin / November 27, 2018

Even though the US market lost a little of Mondays gains into the close, the mood in Asia still appeared reasonably constructive ahead of any trade talks. The Hang Seng was a little more confident as it responded well to rebounding tech values, but even then only managed a near unchanged close. Shanghai opened well […]


Market Talk- November 26, 2018

By admin / November 26, 2018

It feels as though this is the week that the markets have been building for all year! Having heard late yesterday that the EU 27 had accepted the BREXIT terms it is now up to Parliament to vote on the deal. This vote is expected, though not scheduled, for December 12th so we can expect […]

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