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Market Talk- July 6, 2018

By admin / July 6, 2018

It just looks as though the markets were ready for the trade tariffs as they took them and just moved on! After an initial wobble as sanctions came into effect at US midnight yesterday, the buying appeared and markets were looking forward to US Employment data. Eventually, after much debate and anxiousness equity markets improved […]


Market Talk- July 5, 2018

By admin / July 5, 2018

  Another weak session for Asia even as some markets did attempt a bounce. The mood in general remains negative with core China Shanghai down another 1% today as the US/China tariff issue possibly are enacted Friday. China has already publically stated they will respond and not be proactive, but the benefit of the time […]


Market Talk- July 4, 2018

By admin / July 4, 2018

We expected a quiet day today with the US being out, but just didn’t quite realise how quiet. In Asia the major talking point was the Yuan and the verbal intervention witnessed earlier today. This diod help the currency recover to the mid 6’s (6.6313), having hit its one year low early yesterday. The Yuan […]


Market Talk- July 3, 2018

By admin / July 3, 2018

Many in Asia had expected to see a recovery today following the turnaround we saw in US markets, but this was not to be. Despite an early rally prices soon turned lower as concerns over the US/China trade tariffs and renewed Yuan negativity. The Hang Seng looked to be the outlier but remember it was […]


Market Talk- July 2, 2018

By admin / July 2, 2018

  As we enter Q3 trading, markets remain nervous over trade and Europe. We still have QE disrupting bond markets and so it is not possible to acquire a clear view of risk. The ECB has been relentless in masking European government exposure and is even rumour they are participating in the FX market. New […]


Market Talk- June 29, 2018

By admin / June 29, 2018

  An end of month rebound saw healthy gains for China’s core markets as well as other periphery. The last day of the quarter, coupled with a softening rhetoric surrounding US/China trade negotiations helped sentiment and cash flow. Core Shanghai bounced over 2.2% with the Hang Seng not far behind at 1.6%. Month and quarter […]


Market Talk- June 28, 2018

By admin / June 28, 2018

Asia certainly showed its distain after the disappointing close on US markets. Japan, India and ASX all opened lower, but reassuringly they were the days lows. The Nikkei spent much of the day recouping lost ground and with the help of a weaker currency., finally finished marginally positive. The SENSEX did not fair so well, […]


Market Talk- June 27, 2018

By admin / June 27, 2018

The story of June has certainly been the US -Europe- Asia trade wars which were instigated by Trump administration back at the start of the month. The tariffs of 25% on Steel and 10% on Aluminum likely to affect around 100 Bn worth of goods globally. China and Europe since retaliated, with Europe initiating a […]


Market Talk- June 26, 2018

By admin / June 26, 2018

Markets really are unsure of what to believe and what to follow! First, they react negatively to the additional tariffs storey and then they bounce because it may have been a false start. Today we saw the Nikkei recover much of the early morning losses to substantiate a positive close. Having seen the index open […]


Market Talk- June 25, 2018

By admin / June 25, 2018

The Shanghai was holding-in initially and even spent much of the day trading unchanged until late afternoon. Talk that President Trump could be planning additional Trade tariffs coupled with speculation of curbing Chinese tech investment wobbled markets. These rumblings hit all of Asian indices and also DOW futures as the uncertainty over the global trading […]

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