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Market Talk- January 22, 2019

By admin / January 22, 2019

The economic slowdown, voiced now by the IMF, has had an understandable impact on the Asian markets today. Probably the result of the weekend Chinese data, but at any length we now have a nervous market that is back looking for the bid! The Japanese Index is retreating from a one months high with dealers […]


Market Talk- January 21, 2019

By admin / January 21, 2019

Much had been talked about last week about the slowdown in China and on Sundays release we finally saw the latest. China GDP released at 6.4% but industrial output beat expectations. Both domestic and regional markets took this news as positive, as it tends to reflect a manageable slowdown rather than the feared ‘hard-landing’. Both […]


Market Talk- January 18, 2019

By admin / January 18, 2019

The rumoured report of US weighing possibilities of easing tariffs certainly helped Asian markets to open on a positive note. The Hang Seng and Shanghai markets made steady progress as the day wore-on. The rally was well rounded with all sectors adding to the gains. Given the recent domestic support for China, it was the […]


Market Talk- January 17, 2019

By admin / January 17, 2019

Main talking topic in Asia today was in the Chinese market after Premier Keqiang’s warning of a difficult year ahead. Offering commitments of additional public services and infrastructure, along with various public spending support, the market initially responded well. Trading from negative territory, both the Hang Seng and Shanghai indices climbed back to trade around […]


Market Talk- January 16, 2019

By admin / January 16, 2019

It appeared the rally seen in US stocks was insufficient to impress Asia with core markets closing mixed. Japan’s Nikkei returned some of yesterdays gains falling -0.55% with the Yen also trading a little heavy this evening, now with a 109 handle. It was a less than decisive day for Nikkei opening almost where it […]


Market Talk- January 15, 2019

By admin / January 15, 2019

The theme coming from US markets yesterday was a confident day as prices were lifted for much of it. Japan’s Nikkei also saw healthy demand after a lower open and that comes after yesterdays national holiday. Mostly, the gains were accredited to measurers announced in China of tax cuts and possibly extended weekends, in order […]


Market Talk- January 14, 2019

By admin / January 14, 2019

A weak start to the week for Asia probably reflecting China’s poor trade data. This mornings data was the lowest in two years and raises concerns of an accelerating global slowdown. The data also posts a 17% increase with the USA, but also worth mentioning is that imports are over 15% lower from Germany too. […]


Market Talk- January 11, 2019

By admin / January 11, 2019

Last minute positivity in the US was released into Asia and we saw all core markets open higher. The Nikkei gained 1% on the day, even with poor economic data. The Economy watchers Index (Household Spending) released at 48% compared to the 50.5% expected. Previously, this number was recorded at 51, so was already written […]


Market Talk- January 10, 2019

By admin / January 10, 2019

Today was one of those days that had the potential to see lots, yet decided to leave it for another day. In China we saw a lower than expected print for the inflation data (1.9% against expectations of 2.1%), resulting in a nonchalant equity performance. The Shanghai closed at the days lows, but still just […]


Market Talk- January 9, 2019

By admin / January 9, 2019

More positivity in Asia today as hopes build following US/China trade talks entre their third day. Today, it was the turn of the Hang Seng to lead the pack with a impressive +2.27%, while Shanghai returned +0.7%. Tech shares helped the HSI rally today, but also talk of policy support pushed sentiment. We did see […]

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