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Market Talk- February 20, 2017

By admin / February 20, 2017

A fairly quiet start to the week for most of Asia with the Nikkei closing with virtually no movement. The Nikkei was weak just after the opening down just over -0.5% but as the JPY lost ground, the index recovered. Initial price action was poor given the Trade data release (-1.3% given forecasts were 4.7%) […]


Market Talk- February 17, 2017

By admin / February 17, 2017

The week ended with Asia happy to see consolidation as the name of the game. All core indices closed weaker in Friday’s trading, but it was interesting to see that the Nikkei has lost ground whilst both Shanghai and Hang Seng continue to make ground on the week. The JPY is back flirting with the mid […]


Market Talk- February 16, 2017

By admin / February 16, 2017

It was a mixed story in Asia today with the Nikkei still cooling after its recent performance, but given Toshiba’s performance, -3.5% again today – having missed its publishing deadline, certainly did not help confidence. The Nikkei ended the session down almost 0.5%, but we do have the Tankan to be released later this evening; […]


Market Talk- February 15th, 2017

By admin / February 15, 2017

Following from the constructive message the market was hearing from the FED, the Nikkei regained the 1.05% it lost yesterday. This proved to be an impressive performance when considering Toshiba shares dropped 9% amid a potential book write-down of $6.3bn to its US nuclear unit. Hang Seng built on yesterday’s gain adding another +1.2% reaching […]


Market Talk – February 14, 2017

By admin / February 14, 2017

A little profit-taking in the Nikkei today ahead of the FED semi-annual address was to be expected but todays price fall was probably more than most expected. The Nikkei declined 1.15% in todays trading with more concerns over the alluded slowed down after Finance Minister (and deputy Prime Minister) Taro Aso remarked it may take […]


Market Talk – February 13, 2017

By admin / February 13, 2017

Another strong opening session for the week in Asia with equity markets improving from where they left-off on Friday. The news over the weekend that North Korea had tested weapons failed to scare markets as much as it did the media. Japan’s GDP was a touch under expectation but the Nikkei was pulled along with […]


Market Talk – February 10, 2017

By admin / February 10, 2017

Asia benefited from new record highs in the US and really set the pace for the end of the week. The Nikkei was certainly the star performer adding 2.5% on the day taking the index to 19,400 with many talking the psychological 20k is next weeks target number. The JPY suffered against the USD falling […]


Market Talk – February 9, 2017

By admin / February 9, 2017

Asia was split today with the Nikkei not managing to move out of first gear – at least during the Asia session – but saw the Yen lose its haven status. The volatile Japanese data for Machinery Orders was released better than the 3.1% expected figure at +6.7% (against a previous -5.1%) did not really […]


Market Talk – February 8, 2017

By admin / February 8, 2017

All core Asian indices closed higher today even as energy prices fell another 1% in todays trading. The Nikkei, Hang Seng and Shanghai all closed +0.5% firmer on the day. Currencies were well behaved with the JPY playing around the 112 figure for the majority of the day. The dollar index (DXY) broke above the […]


Market Talk – February 7, 2017

By admin / February 7, 2017

Given that we saw the US markets retreat mid-session from early highs, in Asia many were concerned the full enthusiasm is yet to arrive. As equity markets took a side-step gold was the main talking point after its near $20 rally in late US trading. The flight to quality also saw the JPY retest old […]

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