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Global Warming Crowd Said All Ice Would be Gone by September 2016. Oops!

By admin / October 15, 2016

The global warming crowd said we had to urgently act for all sea ice would be gone by September 2016. As the Telegraph recalls, they were wrong. Meanwhile, the Justice Department is deeply involved in the cover-up. The Attorney General even publicly admitted that she is looking into prosecuting people who dare to say the […]


Are they Using Hurricanes to Support Climate Changes Taxes?

By admin / October 10, 2016

Reporting from Florida, it is starting to smell like something is really rotten with these weather forecasts. The morning Hermine hit Florida on the West Coast, cross into the Atlantic and turned north, I was swimming in the ocean and there were plenty of surfers there as well. I then got dress and headed for the […]


The Coming Storm – Stock Pile Food & Water for 30 days

By admin / August 22, 2016

  The German government is now advising its people to stockpile food for 10 days. This advice should be heeded throughout Europe and even in the United States. Here are the storage tips from the Red Cross. This is now time to begin to do this. Those who have the basement space, may also want […]


Solar Physicist Sees Global Cooling Ahead

By admin / August 12, 2016

While the government is using the global warming theory to raise taxes, the real danger is global cooling. The significance of being unprepared means that we will face a rising threat of a food shortage in the years ahead. This is the real danger of global cooling. It does appear that we are looking at […]


NOAA Engaged in Outright Fraud

By admin / August 2, 2016

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is engaged in outright fraud, just like the IMF, to further their agenda. Real science has exposed the fact that they do not have the historical data they pretend to have, on top of the fact that the two satellites they claimed collected data were mysteriously destroyed when it […]


Will the Eternal City End on Pi?

By admin / July 23, 2016

A volcano is coming to life just outside of Rome where the Pope’s summer villa sits. Castel Gandolfo is a town located 15 miles (24 kilometres) southeast of Rome in the Lazio region of Italy. An analysis of rocks from the region revealed a history of past volcanic eruptions whereby the volcano Colli Albani enters an eruptive phase […]


The End of Global Warming — the New Ice Age — Bundle Up!

By admin / July 6, 2016

I have received emails from people who claim global warming exists and I am in denial. To start, all of the studies that claim there is global warming end with the 19th century. The sun has a documented 300-year cycle between maximum and minimum energy output. It is a thermodynamic system, meaning the energy must fluctuate or […]

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