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Finland Government Collapses & Why the Media is Silent

By admin / March 11, 2019

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Your movie the Forecaster was on TV here in Scandinavia. That introduced me to your research. When I discovered your film was on TV in Europe, Canada, and Asia, but not the United States, that merely confirmed the corruption in New York. Here in Finland healthcare is comprehensive and it is taking […]


The Public Pension Crisis is Our Undoing

By admin / February 27, 2019

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Thank you for explaining the difference between a public employee pension and those we have in the real world. The fact that the bulk of these people never contributed to a pension was shocking. How is this going to be resolved? GH ANSWER: It will not end well. Government employees have the defined-benefit […]


The Illinois Pension Crisis – Giving The Pensioners All State Assets

By admin / February 25, 2019

The new proposal in Illinois is for the state to transfer its assets so that they are owned, not by the people, but by the state employees. These proposals will never solve the problem because no one will look at the issue long-term. If they hand ownership to state employees they still run out of […]


Chicago – Where More People are Retired than Paying into Government Pensions

By admin / February 22, 2019

Over 80% of government pension funds are completely funded by the government with no employees paying into the funds. This reflects why governments are coming after the people and extorting more taxes under the threat of seizing your home and throwing you in prison. For 169 governmental bodies in Chicago, the numbers reveal the crisis. In Chicago, […]


The Pension Crisis is Starting to Explode

By admin / February 21, 2019

At the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, working 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, yields an annual income of only $15,080. This is below the annual poverty line. It also reflects something that most people are unaware of — in Illinois, there are more than 19,000 retired teachers who get OVER $100,000 per […]


The Netflix Tax

By admin / February 16, 2019

I have warned that once one state taxes something, the idea spreads like a contagion. Illinois and California wanted to tax movies or anything you stream. Now, Georgia is looking at the same thing. This is all part of the economic decline. The states are broke. Their pensions are consuming everything. It is no longer about […]


Getting Old & Risking Unemployment Thanks to Socialism

By admin / February 7, 2019

The reality these days is that more than 50% of older workers are pushed out of their longtime jobs before they choose to retire. The major factor in this trend is their pension. Pensions are bankrupting both private and public sectors for the entire idea is showing impractical economic stress. Before FDR and the great New Deal, people […]


Private v Public Pension Funds & Who MUST Own Govt Bonds

By admin / January 29, 2019

QUESTION:  Martin. Do you give credence to the work of … ? Can’t government pension funds be privatised or sent to open market? Thank you. NM ANSWER: No, I do not. The problem is far more complicated. First, you clearly have tremendous losses already. If you privatized the various government pension funds, you then have […]


Forecasting & Political Correctness

By admin / January 25, 2019

COMMENT: Good day; The great public pension fraud here in Ontario, Canada allowed the public service unions to endorse Liberal candidates who would give them their 3% raises every contract. This gave them an 18% head start (the number of public sector employees) to win an election that only required 34% to gain power. The percentage […]


Outlaw Government Pensions? The Hunt for Endless Taxes

By admin / December 23, 2018

The commentary that has appeared in Forbes calls for the only solution is to outlaw pensions. This is actually what will happen. Because there is no resolution, the government pensions will demand to raise taxes and then there is never any reform in government so the end game is one major economic confrontation – the […]

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