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Connecting the Dots

By admin / March 9, 2017

Understanding that one must watch the world to ascertain the trend even domestically is critical – this is what separates a domestic trader from a professional hedge fund manager. You simply have to know what is happening out there on all fronts. Connecting the dots allows you to see the full picture of what exactly […]


The Meltdown in Politics

By admin / March 8, 2017

The political world is melting down. The press is so bought and paid for and lost all sense of impartial reporting just the news. All I can say is this is the beginning of the end. Rejoice – you have a front row seat to witness the decline and fall of the West. It’s only […]


Governor of Washington Repeating the Arrogance of the ’60s

By admin / March 7, 2017

The governor of the State of Washington has actually declared war on the United States as a federal government signing an executive order to prevent any state employee to assist the Federal government in deporting any illegal aliens. This is demonstrating the trend toward the breakup of the United States. No State governor has the […]


Democrat v Republican

By admin / March 7, 2017

We are perhaps witnessing the political crisis of a life time. Our model has been projecting this crisis and I warned more than 20 years ago that the Democratic Party was in serious decline. Keep in mind that Trump effectively became a third party candidate within the Republican Party. So by no means is this […]


Obama & Boehner Display their Acting Ability

By admin / March 4, 2017

This is what politics is all about. There is nothing real for they NEVER say what they really think. This reflects Hillary’s statement you have to have a private position and a public one. People think Trump is outrageous for some things he says. But you know what he really thinks. These rest of politicians […]


Le Pen soars in French Polls to Top

By admin / February 24, 2017

Marine Le Pen has refused to wear a headscarf at a meeting with a Grand Mufti in Lebanon.  The incident is likely to be well received by their electorate in France. Ms Le Pen in the first round of voting in France’s Presidential elections in April, is expected to top the polls. When she was offered […]


Democrats in Civil War Against Obama’s OFA?

By admin / February 21, 2017

Of course the brainwashed Democrats send in emails saying Obama is not behind the shenanigans of civil unrest. They just prefer to blame everyone but themselves and live in their little bubble world. They are totally unaware that the Democrats are themselves experiencing an internal civil war and it is the state level Democrats that […]


The Left is Intentionally Creating a Coordinated Revolution

By admin / February 19, 2017

The left is intentionally fighting to remain relevant. I have written before how there is a global coordination among the left to rule the world and I am NOT one of those people who spout out conspiracy theories. This is no BS and certainly no joke or made up fiction. I was in London when […]


Bill Clinton & Abraham Lincoln Were Elected with Less of the Popular Vote than Trump

By admin / February 15, 2017

Obama has clearly set up a shadow government and the Democrats are hell-bent upon obstructing everything and they intend to effectively overturn the Republicans. This is no longer politics as usual where we simply accept who is president and move on. The Democrats are fighting for their Marxist agenda and are intent upon subjugating the […]

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