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Vancouver to Investigate Real Estate Buyers for Money Laundering

By admin / May 23, 2019

Premier John Horgan of BC in Canada was joined by Finance Minister Carole James and Attorney General David Eby at a press conference in Victoria, BC, where they announced plans to move forward with a public inquiry in light of recent findings on money laundering. The real estate bubble in Vancouver was built on a […]


Changing Laws Rather than Attacking the Corruption in Berlin

By admin / April 19, 2019

COMMENT: Germany to Decide if It Can Nationalize Private Property. The difference between National Socialism (NS/NAZI) and International Socialism (INS) exactly are five letters and their definition according to that they do is pretty the same. But don´t worry about international investors. They got the real estate really cheap along with some gifts to the […]


Germany to Decide if It Can Nationalize Private Property

By admin / April 12, 2019

There has been a real crisis evolving in Berlin. When the Wall came crashing down, East Germany regarded that it owned all the property and thus sold vast tracts of apartments to major investors. Now 20 years later, the socialists are claiming this is not fair and the government should either buy the property back […]


London Property Market

By admin / April 3, 2019

COMMENT: I just wanted to say how amazed I am at Socrates. The Nationwide Building Society (real estate) here in Britain has confirmed that London was the worst-performing region in Britain and has declined now for 7 years. Just wanted to thank you. I sold out and you probably saved my marriage. My wife disagreed but now […]


The Florida Migration Influx

By admin / March 9, 2019

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I want to thank you. My parents died and left me their home in Naples, Florida. I was going to sell it but after reading you and the fact that even you moved to Florida, I decided to keep it. We have been renting it out and it is always fully booked. […]


How 10% of the People Can Make a Difference & Real Estate’s Role

By admin / February 20, 2019

QUESTION: Dear Marty, First I would like to thank you for all the help you provide especially for us little guys. I’m from Barcelona, and happily attended the release of “The forecaster” when you were there a few years ago. I’m under 30 and working my butt off trying to save what I can while […]


Economic & Real Estate Bubbles

By admin / January 31, 2019

QUESTION: I work in the construction industry in Phoenix Arizona and there has been a boom in new construction for apartments, condos massive housing tracts and all of the retail that follows this. When I read about your worldwide property crash forecast the economic forecast for growth in our market is that that there is […]


Inequality of Wealth

By admin / January 22, 2019

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; So if I am correct, you have no problem with the inequality of wealth because you have it. Correct? JS ANSWER: Let us look seriously at this issue. All of these people who talk about the disparity or inequality of wealth, claiming it is evil, completely fail to even understand the subject. […]

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