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Congress v Trump – Have They Destroyed the Constitution?

By admin / May 16, 2019

Originally, the Founding Fathers envisioned a government that was “We The People.” The structural design was based largely on the writings of Montesque and embodied the separation of powers — Executive (bureaucracy), Congress (the people), and the Judiciary (the arbitrator). Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), at the age of 81, gave his assessment of the direction of […]


Using Events to Further Power

By admin / May 15, 2019

QUESTION: Hi Martin, I appreciate everything you do to clear away the mist and show what is truly happening in the world. You are one of the few voices of reason out there. In New Zealand, since the mosque shootings in Christchurch, things have become very tense and this is due, in large part, to […]


Chelsea Manning Release & then Served Again with Another Subpoena

By admin / May 12, 2019

Chelsea Manning was released from the Virginia jail where she spent 62 days for refusing to testify about her past ties to WikiLeaks before a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia. While contempt cannot be maintained beyond the term of the Grand Jury, they will simply conjure up another one. The attorneys […]


Freedom of Speech Means we Must Also Defend Those We Disagree With to Speak Freely

By admin / May 11, 2019

The left-wing is forcing their views upon the rest of society by deliberately violating freedom of speech. A New York-based firm is reportedly being forced by left-leaning liberal activists to set up an internal “human rights committee” that would monitor payments to white supremacist groups and anti-Islam activists. It does not matter what they may […]


Hillary Rejoices at the Arrest of Assange

By admin / April 22, 2019

Hillary Clinton has responded to the arrest of Julian Assange by saying effectively – FANTASTIC. Hillary claimed that Assange’s arrest had nothing to do with journalism. She said he “has to answer for what he has done, at least as it’s been charged.” Of course, the Mueller Report stated that Assange lied about Russia. So […]


HR2990 – Change the Law for Identity Theft

By admin / April 21, 2019

QUESTION: I have been hearing a lot about house bill HR2990 also Senate bill SR759 could you explain what this is supposed to do to our economy thank you S ANSWER: That was simply a bill to remove Social Security numbers as the identifying number for Medicare. The purpose of that was to prevent identity […]


How the Rule of Law is Always Political

By admin / April 17, 2019

The British Parliament is exposing itself and how corrupt the real rule of law has become. They had no problem extraditing Julian Assange to the USA for exposing the corruption in the US government, but when Bill Browder was sought by Russia for criticizing Putin, suddenly it is political. Westminster has demanded the head of […]


Julian Assange Has Been Arrested by British Police

By admin / April 11, 2019

  Julian Assange has been arrested by British police. The USA will no doubt want to put him on trial for ensuring Hillary lost the White House. The British police say they were invited in the Ecuadorian embassy where he has been holed up since 2012 after the Ecuadorian government’s withdrawal of asylum. You can […]

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