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The Origin of Contagions lies in the Common Reserve Currency

By admin / July 5, 2018

The question of money supply and inflation has been erroneously set in stone philosophically predominantly by the debasement of Spain and Britain during the period of Henry VIII. This was really a period where there were various countries and their currency completely relied on the exchange market in Amsterdam, which was based entirely upon their metal […]


Do Commitment of Traders & Inventories Really Matter?

By admin / January 22, 2018

QUESTION: Do you think that the Commitment of Traders and reported inventories are relevant to gauge market performance? ANSWER: The oldest game in town is manipulating inventories. Commodities can be stored at many places, but only selected facilities are on the reporting list. During the famous Buffet Silver scandal of 1997-1998, to justify taking silver up in price […]


Gold & the False Move

By admin / May 19, 2017

QUESTION: Dear Marty, could the current ongoing deleveraging in China cause Gold and Silver to fall beneath 1000$ (Silver under ?) or is this currently no big deal what`s going on in China? Keep up the good work! Best regards, B ANSWER: There are so many fundamentals out there is hard to predict which one causes […]


Getting the Facts Straight – Are they Just Oblivious to our History?

By admin / April 6, 2017

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I was reading one analyst who claims we need a new dollar. He said that in 1832 Gold coins were produced at a face value of $20 each, and the one ounce Silver coins retained their $1 valuation and were issued in 1792. He concluded: “In summary. A Silver coin standard in 1792. […]


Silver the Key to a Sustainable Rally in Gold

By admin / February 7, 2017

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, Is silver currently showing more strength than gold, and therefore likely to move beyond gold in this phase? I’m not a technician but it looks that way to me. Thank you for all you share. M ANSWER: Yes. This is one of the critical factors that must turn to signal a real […]


Confiscating Gold

By admin / December 28, 2016

The assault on gold is by no means casual. The hunt for money and the global effort to eliminate cash to be able to increase taxation is also targeting gold. All the sales pitches that gold will survive have ignored the fact that government is well aware of gold and people using it to store […]


Do People Hear Only What They Want to Hear?

By admin / December 14, 2016

QUESTION: You always say the markets cannot be manipulated. Deutsche Bank is turning over the smoking gun. Any comment? ANSWER: It seems you are using the term “manipulation” extremely loosely. You are mixing this term up with collusion and coordination, yes with the intent to “move” a market within the immediate trend which is not […]

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