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When Bronze is Worth More than Gold and Silver

By admin / May 27, 2016

An ancient Roman shipwreck has been discovered in the port of ancient Caesarea, located in Israel. The ship was full of bronze statues and coins that were destined to be melted down. The coins are from Constantine (309-337AD) and Licinius (308-324 AD). The typical bronze Follis of this period weighed 6.5 grams on average. By the end […]


Metals Update Tomorrow May 2nd

By admin / May 2, 2016

We will provide the Video Update for the Metals Tomorrow (for those who took the Metals Report). The computer does a far better job than any individual can possibly do, including myself. The hope of this correction ending by March 2016 and a bull market beginning has not materialized once we obtained the Quarterly Bullish […]

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