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Warning About Funds Management Claiming to be Using Socrates

By admin / May 26, 2018

We do NOT recommend any particular person to be managing money. We do NOT provide buy or sell signals to any such public fund or individual money manager. We have routinely had our lawyers writing letters to people claiming to be using Socrates for managing money when in fact we have not even released any […]


Reduced Prices for Retirement & Small Business

By admin / May 11, 2018

QUESTION: As a retired pensioner and avid follower I’d like to thank you and your team for the free analysis you provide. Is there any way you would consider making deeper analysis available to individuals, on a severely restricted income, after some kind of “vetting” process to ensure it would not be abused. I believe […]


Comprehending The Capabilities of AI

By admin / April 6, 2018 QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong – Neural nets and deep-learning algos are not all that new. However, with the advent of quantum computing power and huge cloud data stores recording every flinch people make, the business world is abuzz that this is the portent for AI to now transform business, business management, and our lives. Of course, […]


Progress Report on Socrates Project

By admin / April 1, 2018   This is an update of the Socrates Project. The outsourcing of front-end redesign is nearly complete. We are getting closer to release. This project has taken a lot more time than I ever thought possible. We had to replace staff who simply designed things around a database that was inefficient and not workable […]


Socrates Update World Share Market Indexes

By admin / February 23, 2018

These are the World Stock Indexes Available in the Basic Level AEX (Dutch) Index Cash AEX All Share (Netherlands) All Ordinaries (Australian) Index Cash Athens Stock Exchange General Index (Greece) Cash Austrian Traded Index Cash BEL20 (Belgium) Index Cash Bist National 100 (Turkey) Botswana Stock Exchange DMS Companies Index (Botswana) Bulgaria Stock Exchange Sofix (Bulgaria) CAC-40 (France) […]


New Markets Added to Entry Level of Socrates

By admin / February 22, 2018

We have added the following market to the Socrates general public service level. AEX All Share (Netherlands) FTSE 250 (United Kingdom) FTSE All Share (United Kingdom) FTSE All World $ (Global) Hang Seng China Affiliated Corporation (Hong Kong) Hang Seng China Enterprises (Hong Kong) Tel Aviv 125 (Israel) Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Index (Jamaica) KOSPI […]


Socrates Project Update

By admin / February 20, 2018

Just to keep everyone up to date, we have four outside firms in hyper-mode to get the delivery system up. We are not far away. It has to be able to handle serious traffic from around the globe. We are pushing as fast as we can. It is the delivery system that we are waiting […]


We had a Meeting Today About the Traffic During a Panic into Socrates

By admin / February 7, 2018

The Socrates site where the results are posted is on the Amazon Cloud. We had an urgent meeting today to run analysis as for why the system could not hand the massive traffic to the site over the past two days. We found out that it was pushed to 97% CPU capacity. We have come […]


Socrates & New Clients

By admin / February 6, 2018

  So many people suddenly tried to buy a subscription to Socrates today that the sheer volume even taxed the credit card companies. Please if you are interested in Socrates, just take a subscription now and do not wait until the middle of a panic. We greatly appreciate your cooperation on this matter. Since our services […]

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