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New Bill to Outlaw Encryption

By admin / April 11, 2016

Those in power are simply liars; why we elect such people is beyond me. We cannot afford career politicians because they ALWAYS create a divide between themselves and the people. NO REPUBLIC has ever resisted converting into an oligarchy. It just does not work. I reported that Obama slipped and actually said the truth by mistake. In […]


Progress Report on Socrates

By admin / March 29, 2016

We have completed porting over the first memory node in our artificial intelligence system. There are three more to finish. Nevertheless, the first memory node will improve the text in the Investor section. We hope to have most of this uploaded this week. Below is a sample of what Socrates wrote for the Chinese yuan. […]


Private Blog

By admin / March 1, 2016

The private blog is available to Socrates subscribers. Currently, the private blog is available on the homepage of the Investor level. Please note that the private blog is not available on the WEC Trader preview site at this time. Many people prefer us to keep certain information private that is specific to investing in a […]


Do You Have a Question for Socrates?

By admin / December 14, 2015

Next year, we will open up access to allow users to ask Socrates questions. You will be able to ask questions such as where support or resistance is, when the next turning point is, how much risk is there in a … →

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