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It’s a Mental State of Pride – not Shame

By admin / January 29, 2017

COMMENT: I am shocked that these animals would rape a girl and broadcast it live. They have to be idiots on top of being animals. PK REPLY: The critical point here is NOT the act of rape. If someone carried out a rape and KNEW it was wrong, then they would also try to hide […]


Immigration & Risk

By admin / January 25, 2017

The protests against Trump have been claiming that he will somehow end abortion (which he cannot do), and the civil rights and immigration parts of their protests are really unthinkable. Many legal immigrants went through the process and they voted for Trump because they felt others should have to do the same thing. In Britain, […]


Berlin Terrorist Was Under Surveillance for 6 months

By admin / December 26, 2016

The Tunisian migrant/refugee Anis Amri hijacked the truck to kill people in Berlin in the Christmas market. He managed to escape Berlin and got through France and finally down to Milan. He was shot and killed in Milan early on December 23rd, 2016 when he was asked for identification only because he appeared suspicious. The […]


Understanding Islam

By admin / October 15, 2016

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Why do Islamic extremists hate us so much? ANSWER: I have asked why is Russia our enemy when they are no longer communist, but nobody can answer that question. The response is usually, “They are Russian.” There is this same residual issue between Islam and Christianity in many circles that people cannot explain. […]


Protests in Germany Turn Against Pro-Refugee Politicians

By admin / October 11, 2016

The resistance to the refugees in Germany keeps rising. German mayor Joachim Kebschull of Oersdorf had to be hospitalized after he was severely beaten after expressing support for asylum seekers. He was attacked from behind as he walked to a planning meeting on Thursday night. Michael Richter, the head of a party on the town council of Freital, on […]


5th Car Bomb Explodes in 2 Days in Spain

By admin / October 3, 2016

The expansion of terrorism in Europe is really becoming widespread. This does not look good as we move forward. Unfortunately, our Cycle of War Model we warned began to turn up in 2014 is still far from reaching a peak. The fifth car bomb in just two days has exploded in the northern Spanish city […]


Anti-Immigration Movement Turning Violent in Germany

By admin / September 29, 2016

In Dresden, Germany, right-wing activists are retaliating against the Muslim refugees. They are said to be behind two huge terror bombs at a mosque. This is the first attack on Muslims using bombs. This will not be the last. What Merkel has unleashed on Europe will continue to escalate as the economy turns down. Anti-immigrant movements correlate […]


Terrorism Turning to Knives, Axes & Machete rather than Suicide Bombings

By admin / September 20, 2016

The rise of militant terrorists home-grown is much greater than people realize. No gun control will stop them because the knife, hatchet and machete have begun to replace suicide bombings. It is taking place even in Canada. A man with a machete attacked police in a shopping mall in Calgary. There was the July 18th, 2016 attack […]


Terrorism strikes in Kashmir & New York City

By admin / September 18, 2016

We have terrorist attacks in Kashmir against the military and what may prove to be a home-grown terrorist attack using pressure cookers in New York City, similar to Boston. Unfortunately, as we move into 2018, we should expect terrorism to escalate, especially in Europe. However, terrorism based upon religion should be on the rise.

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