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Head of Hungary Comes Out for Trump

By admin / July 28, 2016

  With terrorism raging in Europe, Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary came out and publicly stated that the anti-terrorism proposals of Donald Trump make him the better option for Europe and Hungary. More and more people I talk to in Europe are silently in Trump’s corner. The more intense the attacks, the stronger their […]


Terrorism Engulfing Europe

By admin / July 25, 2016

In Ansbach, Bavaria, there was apparently a bomb attack on Sunday. The Bavarian interior ministry told Reuters, “At present we stand, it is not an accident.” It summarized the evidence that it was a “deliberately provoked explosion.” This bombing followed the horrific attack on two men from Hong Kong on a passenger train in southern […]


Are Terrorists Smarter Than We Think?

By admin / December 10, 2015

According to information from The Guardian, there was a civil protection exercise in Paris that took place on the very day of the attacks –November 13, 2015. The pattern emerging is interesting. Back in 2005, on the very day of … →


“Cry ‘Havoc !’ and Let Slip the Dogs of War”

By admin / November 29, 2015

COMMENT: Mr Armstrong; I am a reformed goldbug who was naive to put it mildly but my wife called it stupidity. You have been correct and they have been wrong but that is just the surface. What you have opened … →

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