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Global Warming Taxes – Or Just Another Excuse?

By admin / October 7, 2017

Now that the German elections are finished, Merkel now comes with the tax hikes. This shows the contempt for the people assume that they are just stupid so do nothing before and election, then raise the taxes after. According to a report, Germans should not expect about a 50% tax increase on electricity. As the Bild newspaper […]


EU is becoming a No-Go-Zone for Business

By admin / October 6, 2017

The European Union has ordered AMAZON to pay about 250 million euros ($294 million) in taxes to Luxembourg, saying it was given an unfair tax advantage from 2003 because it paid less than they would have paid in France or Germany. The EU is retroactively changing taxes. This is a sure fire way of telling […]


Taxing Income Before You Earn It

By admin / October 1, 2017

COMMENT: Hello Martin; I trust you and the state of Florida are healthy, hurricane or not. As to the German VAT pre-pay system, Ontario, Canada tax laws shocked me nearly 30 years ago with income tax on accounts receivable, whether collected or not. I was 22 years old when the accountant came to review my […]


Germany To Tax VAT Just Billing People Before they Pay

By admin / September 24, 2017

The German government is desperate for money and what they are doing now is just unbelievable. Germany is looking to order companies to prepay VAT tax before they even collect it.  Companies in Germany will now have to pay the VAT immediately to the government on any amount they have billed to a customer. This is […]


New Zealand & the Hunt for Taxes

By admin / September 19, 2017

QUESTION:  Hi Martin, Firstly I appreciate your insight into world events. I don’t see anyone else coming even close to what you do. In New Zealand we are facing an election and taxation is a big topic. Labour on the left has appointed a new, young, female leader who has wide appeal. She is hedging […]


Germany & France Want to Tax Gross Sales on the Internet

By admin / September 15, 2017

  The hunt for taxes in France and Germany is in full swing. Merkel and Macrone are looking for endless new sources of tax revenues. They are moving directly into the position of destroying their economies because their thirst for more and more taxes never ends. No matter how much they collect, they never have […]


Canada’s Hunt for Taxes – Trudeau’s Destruction of the Canadian Economy

By admin / September 14, 2017

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is doing his best to send Canada into the Dark Age. He is clearly a Marxist and has targeted small business which creates 70% of all employment. He said “I want to be clear,” at the Liberal party’s recent caucus gathering in Kelowna. “People who make $50,000 a year should […]


The Unconstitutionality of Progressive Income Taxes – It is Time to Force the Supreme Court to Rule to Stop a Revolution in the Wings

By admin / September 1, 2017

How is it possible that we can have legalized class warfare and politicians run on extorting the rich at gun point with threat of imprisonment if they do not pay their “fair share” which is somehow a higher percentage than everyone else and this miraculously does not violate Equal Protection and Justice for All? The […]


New Proposed Regs You Must Declare if you have more than $10k in Crypto Currencies

By admin / August 29, 2017

According to the new draft law proposal, all persons who enter the US will have to declare their holdings in crypto currencies with a value over 10,000 dollars. This is the case with larger quantities of cash or precious metals. Naturally, they are calling this money laundering and possible funding of terrorism. It’s really about taxes.  I […]


Trying to Force Trump to Resign

By admin / August 26, 2017

Quite honestly, the all out war on Trump from the very beginning has been constant. There is not a single thing he has done that is not turned into a scandal. His harsh talk against North Korea seemed to work and forced Kim to back off. Nevertheless, they said Trump was the antagonist and one […]

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