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Bundesbank Demands Explanation for Requests for Cash

By admin / August 15, 2018

The German central bank, the Bundesbank, has significantly expanded its ability to control and access cash transactions in the hunt for taxes. They have required statements and assurances from cash-demanding commercial banks for the purpose of the intended business requiring cash. The Bundesbank has declined to comment on the new policy. The Federal Association of German Banks […]


Australian Government Has Simply Lost Its Mind & Violates International Law

By admin / August 10, 2018

People who think that Trump alone embarked on protectionism, really need to look around the World. Australians have been blocked by Amazon from buying anything from their US site because the government has imposed effectively a tariff of 10% on anything an Australian may purchase under $1,000 from the internet overseas. The Australian government is […]


Canada Global Warming Tax up to $1,000 per Household?

By admin / July 31, 2018

  I have been warning that Global Warming is profitable for governments. They paid these academics $1 billion to come up with dire forecasts that ignore nature, cycles, and history, all to justify taxing people that will never actually impact anything nor balance their budgets. Canadian households in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia will be hit […]


Italy – the Coming Revolution & Euro Crisis for 2021?

By admin / July 31, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, you obviously have a database on Italy that is without comparison. Nobody else even had a chart on the Italian lira you recently published on the blog. I know you are well aware of the revolutions in Italy and the history. I was wondering do you have any forecast for the next […]


Bank Wires & the Hunt for Money

By admin / July 27, 2018

QUESTION: Hi Martin, in reference to the mailing of 500k in bank drafts to the US by a Canadian in Canada – I am wondering what your thoughts are in wiring > 50,000 (CAD) to a US brokerage account, as a Canadian citizen? Do you think there may be potential confiscation or holding of wired funds […]


US Border Seizes $500,000 Inheritance Mailed from Canada to USA

By admin / July 26, 2018

  An Ottawa man, David Saikaley,  acting as executor of a will obtained a bank draft for $500,000 and mailed it to family members in the United States to settle an estate. Bank checks are regarded as “cash” and the money was seized by customs. Almost a year later, the money is still stuck at the border. This is […]


The Hunt for Taxes In Spain

By admin / July 23, 2018

COMMENT:  Dear Marty, Hope you are doing great. Recently you may have heard Cristiano Ronaldo, the best football (what you guys wrongfully call soccer ) player in the world has left Spain’s Real Madrid and signed for Italian Juventus. There are many reasons behind this which involve broken promises of a better salary and especially […]


Taxing Boats For Just Visiting

By admin / July 21, 2018

A lot of people have emailed in about the outrageous taxes being imposed on those who own boats. A number of people are complaining about California that they sail there and dock in San Diego briefly and go visit Mexico and then get a property tax for having a boat even when they are not citizens […]


New Jersey To Now Tax Water Supply as Well – Creative Greed of Taxes

By admin / July 20, 2018

Politicians are truly amazing. When they need money, they are never short of ideas of things to tax. New Jersey is proposing to now tax water from the tap. The proposal is being submitted by State Senator Bob Smith D-Middlesex. Of course, Smith is trying to say it’s not actually a tax and calling it a “user […]


The Judaea Move for Independence 66-70AD

By admin / July 15, 2018

QUESTION: Was the first Jewish revolt about taxes? I think you said it was previously. HJB ANSWER: Correct. While there were tensions over religion, what really began the crisis was taxation which was fueled also by the clash of dynasties in Judaea. The hatred of Roman taxation first emerged during the civil war between Octavian and Marc Antony and Cleopatra. To […]

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