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German Court Rules Govt Can Intercept Communications Without Just Cause

By admin / June 6, 2018

Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig ruled last week that the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) may continue to access data at the world’s largest Internet node in Frankfurt am Main without just cause. In the ruling, the court dismissed an action brought against this practice by the operating company and the government demanded they turn over […]


West Coast & the Insane Socialistic Hunt for Taxes

By admin / June 3, 2018

I have been warning that we are in a battle to the death against the socialists. The West Coast is becoming the place to leave as fast as you possibly can for any business. There are already companies starting to migrate from Silicon Valley to Texas. The migration has begun. More and more Tech firms are […]


Seattle Made Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live Before the Homeless Tax

By admin / May 31, 2018

  Business Insider has published a map of the top 10 most expensive places to live and work and guess what – Seattle is in the list even before they impose this new outrageous tax of $275 per employee for companies that do more than $20 million in business annually. They claim it is for the homeless people which […]


Roman Tax on Estate Auctions was the Outrageous Level of 1%

By admin / May 25, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You recently showed a coin of the emperor Hadrian burning tax records. Was there a tendency to always raise taxes as we have today to extreme levels? It seems that our government here in BC just assumes everything you have belongs to them. We should be grateful for what they allow us […]


Germany’s Hunt for Taxes Being Illegally Applied to the Past

By admin / May 23, 2018

  The Hunt for Taxes has now led to criminal charges for manipulating stock ownership to avoid the tax on dividends. There German Attorney General has filed criminal charges against a number of traders for the first time in what is called Cum-Ex transactions. The name seems a bit strange but it involves shifting the […]


Seattle Tax For Homeless or Just for Government?

By admin / May 21, 2018

The outrageous tax of $275 per employee for companies that do more than $20 million in business annually by the city of Seatle for the claimed housing of homeless people is really over the top. It’s not just Amazon, there are a number of businesses being hit. Cities are becoming the place to avoid. This is […]


Illinois to Impose 1% Property Tax on Top of Everything Annually for 30 Years

By admin / May 14, 2018

  In Illinois is a State that should just commit suicide and be emerged into surrounding states. It is following the EXACT pattern as the fall of the city of Rome itself. Constantine the Great moved the Roman capital from Rome to Constantinople around 330AD. Rome lost its status as corruption and taxes rose. More and […]


Beware of Household Income Interpretation

By admin / May 2, 2018

  I have warned that one of the clever ways taxes are raised is by changing the definition of the rich. We can see that when FDR came into office, the definition of the rich became $5 million because he was planning to introduce the payroll tax and everyone had to pay. That was a […]


Greece Going After People Who Rent Their House Out for Taxes

By admin / April 27, 2018

The Greek tax authorities are really destroying any semblance of a free society all to satisfy the EU. Tax agents have been pretending to rent houses for a vacation and then monitoring if the people pay taxes. The government is pro-actively sending out people to do business and they are looking to see what you do. […]

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