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Understanding the Rally

By admin / February 16, 2017

QUESTION: Marty is the rumor true that there is huge short-covering going on that is taking the US share market higher? ANSWER: Of course. As I have stated, our model tends to show the point of no return is in the 23000 level, not here. This rally since 2009 has been the most BEARISH rally […]


Understanding Global Market Watch

By admin / January 14, 2017

QUESTION: Good afternoon, I have a quick question regarding the GLOBAL MARKET WATCH. Are the results updated only at the end of each time period (day, week, month, quarter or year) or are they updated constantly throughout the time period? For example: I have noticed that the monthly trend on gold started January with a […]


Fractal Nature of Trading

By admin / November 25, 2016

QUESTION: Marty; you said at the cocktail party that there are four level of time within each major level of time from daily to yearly. You said that trading results depend upon how you use the model for it is not a one dimensional model so people trying to compare trading results are usually lost. […]


Global Market Watch – How Does it Do It?

By admin / August 20, 2016

QUESTION: Marty; The Global Market Watch pinpointed Thursday as a knee jerk high in gold. I now understand what the ‘knee jerk’ means. The day before was a low, this was what you call a thrust up but just one day and no follow through. How does the computer know that by the close of […]


Knee Jerk v Spike v Temp v Reaction Events

By admin / August 19, 2016

QUESTION: All energy says spike low on monthly global market watch. Now we had a correction from 52 to $39 so that qualifies but we also had a rally from 39 to 47 so does it still qualify? If Socrates uses the last data point 47 it would not be a spike low  but if it accesses […]


Slingshot v Phase Transition

By admin / August 7, 2016

QUESTION: You’ve just mentioned there remains a chance for gold to perform a slingshot move downward and then up in January. Does it still appear the Dow will slingshot (make a new low) also even though it has recently broken to new highs? S ANSWER: We achieved the slingshot in the S&P and the NASDAQ, and I have previously […]



By admin / July 17, 2016

QUESTION: What do I need to read to understand the basics about your models, and being able to use this? I’m very interested in using your models to guide me better in my investing. ANSWER: Start with the “Models & Methodologies.” We do provide a lot of study material under MODELS.


Understanding the Global Market Watch

By admin / June 30, 2016

The Global Market Watch (GMW) is only an advisory tool. It is not something to trade on by itself. It is merely a system designed to be an alert. We were articulating this in the verbiage under “Pattern Recognition,” but it led to more confusion since it can be opposite of other models simply because it is purely pattern based. […]


The Reversal Phenomenon

By admin / June 27, 2016

QUESTION: Marty; I have been reading your blog on gold and get all your reports. One things that I have notices was this 1206 number. Back in 2013, it was important back then. Here it showed up again in 2015. This seems to be an amazing number. Can you explain why. ANSWER: This is yet […]

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