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California Earthquakes

By admin / March 7, 2016

Plotting earthquakes in California for the “big one” is difficult due to the lack of historical data prior to 1857. From that point forward, the frequency appears to line up with the 8.6-year pi cycle insofar as the three major events — 1857, 1906, and 1989 — follow about 43-year (half-8.6) cycle. This is time period […]


Is There a Percentage Rally that Confirms a Change in Trend?

By admin / March 4, 2016

  QUESTION: Hello Martin, Can you verify the following statement: “No bear has ever resumed following a 20% rally.” As today marks a 21% move of the lows your expertise would be appreciated. Thanks! BGG ANSWER: No. Sorry. That is total nonsense. The rally from 1982 into 1983 moved from $297 to $520 — and guess what— new lows unfolded. Look at this from the […]



By admin / February 14, 2016

QUESTION: Hello Mr. Armstrong, I read your blog every day. Thank you but i’m having trouble figuring out where to place my money moving forward. Cash, the markets, the banks, gold…. It feels like you are saying cash is the place to be right now but maybe i have a difficult time comprehending all that […]


No Need to Live in Fear – It’s the Ying and Yang of Civilization

By admin / February 14, 2016

QUESTION: Martin. …Thank you for getting back to me. I have one quick question though. What does it mean when you say “It is in the staging period”? Thank you for your insights. I don’t want to live in fear, but don’t know what to do. ANSWER: There is no need to live in fear. If […]


Cycle of Peace

By admin / February 13, 2016

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, What does your program tell us about cycles of peace? Respectfully, SP ANSWER: Of course. The Cycle of Peace is the counter-trend to the Cycle of War. Like the War Cycle, it is linked to the economy. If the economy turns down, that is when War turns up. I have always said […]


Gravity Being Revealed & Cycles in the Mind

By admin / February 12, 2016

While we are living in a fictional world where we assume we can manipulate the outcome of our social economy, major advancements are being achieved in the real world of science that further demonstrates that the core of everything is its cyclical nature. Here is the latest discovery confirming gravity waves. The photo above is […]


My Cyclical Approach

By admin / December 15, 2015

QUESTION:  Marty, I just watched ‘The Forecaster’ on demand, I just wanted to say it was an exceptional movie. I really enjoyed seeing your story played out, and following your journey to the discovery of pi in economic cycles. As … →


Do We NEED Computers to See Beyond Our Own Hardwiring?

By admin / December 11, 2015

  One of the battles in trying to produce real analysis is our hardwiring. We naturally have an attraction toward repeating sequential and palindromic numbers or events that extend beyond what we consciously realize. This is our inherent hardwiring that … →

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