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Obama on Baton Rouge

By admin / July 20, 2016

The deliberate killing of police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has been the subject of much propaganda. President Obama did not address what is obvious to everyone and tried to cover up the root cause behind this new wave of violence. “There is no justification for violence against law enforcement. None.” Obama said. “These attacks are the […]


Where do US Multi-Nationals Hold Offshore Cash These Days?

By admin / July 13, 2016

What are US multi-nationals doing with the $2 trillion they keep offshore? Looking at the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosures shows that Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Cisco Systems hold about 10% of their offshore cash in US government debt, which earns these companies substantial sums in interest. So they are earning interest in dollars while parking money […]


State Department Intentionally Deleted Parts of Press Briefing to Mislead the Press Over the Iran Nuclear Deal

By admin / July 10, 2016

The State Department blew everyone away after admitting that they officially and intentionally deleted several minutes of video footage from a 2013 press briefing to mislead the press over the Iranian nuclear deal.  Those in power are all about just them. They are constantly showing that they cannot be trusted on anything. Yet, we are risking the lives of our […]


US Government Preparing for Massive Civil Unrest

By admin / July 8, 2016

The Federal government is arming every agency from the IRS to the State Department for domestic purposes. This is clearly a response to what they know is coming. There is no question that they are preparing for an uprising. They know that socialism is collapsing. Rather than reform the political economy, they are digging in […]


Mainstream Media is Dying — Facebook Recognizes Trend

By admin / July 6, 2016

Mainstream media is dying. Their biased coverage of the election will go down in history. Facebook’s latest announcement demonstrates how the younger generation (1) is not into party politics, and (2) does not trust mainstream media. Facebook will modify its News Feed algorithm to favor content posted by a user’s friends and family over content […]


Capital Flows & the Shift to USA for Taxes

By admin / July 6, 2016

Since the publication of the Panama Papers, the assets of the wealthy from around the world have been flowing into United States at a sharply increased pace. Tracking capital flows has revealed that capital outflows of liquidity from the EU have distinctly accelerated. The United States is definitively becoming the replacement for Switzerland. The IRS has even […]


Lynch Refuses to even Recuse Herself Proving This is All a Lie

By admin / July 2, 2016

  The dishonesty never ends. The Attorney General Loretta Lynch has proven she is not trustworthy and playing games. She now says she will accept the recommendations of career prosecutors and the FBI director on whether to charge Hillary Clinton for mishandling emails. But the FBI director is also appointed by Obama and is subordinate […]


Can Rating Agencies be Trusted?

By admin / July 1, 2016

COMMENT: The manipulations of S&P indicate that these clowns’ output should be printed on absorbent paper. The point is exactly that this company and its directors have changed their rating based on anticipated events, and, given on the exact day as the Tory party’s leaders are being chosen, precisely in order to increase pressure on Britain’s […]


Hillary’s Questionable Past

By admin / June 30, 2016

QUESTION: I found your article on Hillary email scandal very informative. So you are saying that the financial scandals were all Hillary, not Bill? ANSWER: Correct. The Whitewater scandal was Hillary, not Bill. Bill was into sex, but Hillary was the dominant money grabber. She was the first, first lady to be involved in the […]


The Rising Trend of Anti-Establishment and Civil Unrest

By admin / June 29, 2016

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Your model on civil unrest and war seem to be rather amazing. The anti-establishment feeling is rising quite strong. Not sure what’s going on with Trump. It looks like the Republicans are still trying to prevent him from being the candidate. All the money is going to Hillary. Government is becoming very […]

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