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The Long-term Cycle of Monetary Crisis

By admin / September 9, 2017

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I have been following you for all my adult life and that has exceeded 20 years by now and am shocked to say, I found your article on how things evolve GOLD-Oil-Dollar.  I must say this is a eye-opening evolution you are talking about. Has this always been the case with things […]


Gold & Euro & Dollar

By admin / May 19, 2017

QUESTION: Marty; You said gold was still vulnerable in dollars but that the low was probably in place in Euros. I have been trying to reconcile that statement in my mind. The only way that happens is a real crisis in Europe and a strong dollar. Correct? It seems really naive that people get bullish […]


The Dollar Remains King

By admin / May 8, 2017

QUESTION:  Hi, I’ve read your blog for a couple of months now and it clearly opened my eyes. But I’m wondering if I’m getting crazy now.. I can see a pattern between rising Chinese yields (despite weaker growth), parked Chinese money in the Canadian & Australian housing bubble, plunging commodities (very bad for Australian and […]


Using Postage Stamps for Money

By admin / April 13, 2017

QUESTION: Martin, how would stamps be involved in a cashless society?  Could they be utilized as a paper currency at least domestically?  Stamp books used in place of dollar bills. ANSWER: Historically postage stamps have served as money during the American Civil War. This was the Postage Currency. They needed metal for weapons so there was […]


The Euro Crisis & Previous Debt

By admin / March 29, 2017

  QUESTION: Hello Martin, I understand and agree to what you are saying in your post however I cannot understand what you mean when you say that: “Secondly, leaving all individual member states with past debt yet converted that to euro, then resulted in their debts doubling in international value as the euro doubled going into […]


The Exchange Stabilization Fund – What Is It?

By admin / March 20, 2017

Apparently, some people have discovered the Exchange Stabilization Fund and are now touting this as some major power in manipulating the world economy. This is simply an emergency reserve fund of the US Treasury Department, which is typically used for foreign exchange intervention. This arrangement really goes back to the birth of the G5 and is […]


The Euro & the Pending Bounce

By admin / March 12, 2017

While Europe is certainly not turning bullish, what we do see is a bounce due to the fundamental focus of the pending US debt ceiling battle looming on the horizon. Naturally, the press will be blaming Trump so we should be prepared for headlines like US going to default. The press will use this incident […]


Trump Tower Accord to Replace Plaza Accord?

By admin / February 8, 2017

We can probably count on one thing – the people from Goldman Sachs advising Trump will most likely do what they always do – assume the manipulation and “influence” is all that is needed to change the trend in the dollar. Donald Trump’s top trade adviser Peter Navarro has hit out at Germany and accused the country […]


Draghi Admits EU May Breakup For First Time

By admin / January 25, 2017

For the first time, the head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, has conceded the possibility that the EU may fall apart. Draghi came out and said that any member leaving the Eurozone would need to settle its claims or debts with the bloc’s payments system before severing ties. This statement reveals the heated […]

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