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Cycle of War & Religion

By admin / May 31, 2019

QUESTION: Hello Martin, on Sept 12th 2013 you wrote about the ‘Return of the crusades’. Now, 6 years later, with the massive migrant crisis still ongoing, a lot of people consider leaving Western Europe bc Sharia law is looming everywhere. Mohammed takes the first place for baby names in many countries, sharia law spreads, kindergartens […]


Julian Assange Has Been Arrested by British Police

By admin / April 11, 2019

  Julian Assange has been arrested by British police. The USA will no doubt want to put him on trial for ensuring Hillary lost the White House. The British police say they were invited in the Ecuadorian embassy where he has been holed up since 2012 after the Ecuadorian government’s withdrawal of asylum. You can […]


Walter Jones – An Important Politician Who Was One of the Good Guys

By admin / February 14, 2019

I wanted to write an obituary for a friend who I would go down to Capitol Hill to see — Walter Jones. He was a Republican but someone who would vote based upon what he believed was right and not simply because of party politics. Walter died and it was really a great loss. He […]


Warning Neocons Joining Democrats to Support War

By admin / January 14, 2019

I have previously written that all wars have been started by the Democrats with the single exception of the Iraq War under Dick Cheney and the Neocons. Now after Trump has pulled out of Syria, the Neocons are meeting with the Democrats to retake the White House and restore the effort to bring World War III […]


The Use of False Flags to Increase Power

By admin / December 17, 2018

  Historically, Hitler used a very famous event that was the origin of the term “False flag” back in 1933 to reinforce his power. The German False flag used by Hitler was known as the Reichstag Fire. Hitler had a problem. He won less than 35% of the vote. The Reichstag Fire was an arson attack […]


Are the Neocons the Greatest Threat to World Peace?

By admin / September 28, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I have heard people say that the Russian sanctions were intended to overthrow Putin. Is it true that the Neocons believe that Russia will collapse and they will then walk in and take control of all their nukes? PV ANSWER: Believe it or not, the answer is YES!!!!! These people are HIGHLY […]


Beware the Common Thread that runs through War

By admin / September 24, 2018

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You seem to argue that the sanctions against Russia are unjustified with respect to their invasion of Ukraine. I understand that Kiev was the original capital of the Rus. You do not agree with the sanctions I assume because you argue they are pointless and will not work. Can you elaborate […]


France’s Dream of Europe without NATO

By admin / September 6, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; The French have never been real supporters of America and NATO. They have always wanted to be seen as a world power since Charles DeGaul. What is your view on Macron’s answer to Trump’s demand that they pay their fair share of NATO to turn to Russia? JE ANSWER: The French President […]


Napoleon was Defeated by Volcanoes

By admin / September 5, 2018

QUESTION: I recently read that the weather defeated Napoleon created by a Volcanic Winter in 1815. It seems to have lined up with your chart on the decline in the energy of the sun and sunspot activity. Would you agree with that? PH ANSWER: Oh yes. The theory that Napoleon lost at Waterloo was the result of […]


Cheney & Rumsfeld the Machiavellian Puppet Masters Behind the Iraq War

By admin / August 16, 2018

  There is so much behind the scenes to the creation of a false narrative to wage war in Iraq it is no joke. The story laid out by James Bamford offers another slice of the war story that was sold to the world. Those behind this sales-pitch will never be prosecuted because they are above the law […]

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