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Russia & the Panic

By admin / April 10, 2018

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I greatly appreciate the mere fact that you cover the Russian markets when nobody does. It is really incredible that your computer can write so much and there is no fear of bias or policial slant. Socrates just wrote, “At this moment, this market is in a downward trend on all our […]


The Coming Pi Target – Will it Bring World War III?

By admin / April 10, 2018

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, Putin invaded Syria precisely on the day of your model back in 2015.75. You have stated at the WEC that the upcoming Pi turning point on November 21, 2018, is most often political in nature. You scheduled this year’s WEC for the week before. Trump just called Assad an animal. Even […]


Greco-Turkish War – Is it Inevitable?

By admin / April 2, 2018

QUESTION: Message: Hi, huge respect for your eye-opening work. You mention that war is more likely to erupt in the middle east than Korea. Since middle east seems to be in a state of perpetual combat in different areas, do you think war could expand as Turkey is more & more openly hostile to Greece? […]


Why Syria has ALWAYS been Strategic

By admin / March 28, 2018

Syria has always been strategic throughout recorded history. You had to pass through it between Babylon and Egypt. However, as world trade began to emerge, the connections between China and the ancient Roman Empire were fully developed through the Silk Road. Spices were always worth their weight in gold and even during the Middle Ages, […]


Putin’s Address to the Nation & the World

By admin / March 6, 2018

  Putin’s address on March 1st to the Federal Assembly seems to have sparked a lot of crazy emails with people talking nonsense about things they do not even come close to understanding. Yes, the headline grabber was Putin’s statement about a new invincible cruise missile. I will address that in a moment. Overlooked, however, […]


The Technology Advance in War will Increase Civilian Casualties

By admin / January 6, 2018

COMMENT: Marty. Hi. In your article, you stated that when the unemployment goes up, they take us to war to cut down the population. True but now its different. WW2 was a big historical change in who gets killed. WW1 and previous wars typically it was the soldiers who die. WW1 only saw about 5% > fewer civilians […]


Putin Warns We Are on the Verge of a Major Conflict

By admin / September 2, 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Friday writing in an article published on the Kremlin’s web site that the emerging standoff between North Korea and the United States over its nuclear missile program bringing the world to the edge of a large-scale conflict. He further warned that it was a mistake to try to pressure […]


Kim Jung-un Watches Markets During His Launches

By admin / August 30, 2017

Kim Jung-un watches his launch, but on the screen you will notice charts of markets. He is clearly trying to disrupt the financial markets with the launching missiles. Is North Korea playing inside-trading with secret proxy accounts? You really cannot tell which markets he is following. It appears the left three are dropping and the […]


Next Target for North Korea Sept 11th/12th

By admin / August 29, 2017

Our models seem to be right on target for the escalation of military threats from North Korea. We gave our two targets for the opening of  this window for a conflict on our war model with North Korea  to watch were August 12/13, 2017 and September 11/12, 2017. We must be on guard for this […]

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