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John McCain Recorded Propaganda Message Made for the Enemy

By admin / March 23, 2017

John McCain was born in Panama, not the United States. There was the same question with Obama – was McCain really qualified to run for President if he was not born in the United States. He confirms his birthplace on this propaganda message he made for his captures. They criticized Trump for saying he does […]


Eastern Europe & World War III

By admin / February 8, 2017

  Europe could become the site of a new global war in the East as tensions build there against refugees and the economic decline fosters old wounds. The EU is deeply divided over the refugee issue and thus it is fueling its own demise and has failed to be a stabilizing force. After five days of […]


Is Christianity in Decline?

By admin / February 4, 2017

Pope Francis is rather concerned about what he calls a “hemorrhage” of priests and nuns from the Catholic church. Indeed, the loss of clergy is weakening the church over the past decades. The Pope commented on how nuns and priests have just quit claiming that modern society discourages lifelong commitments as in the soaring divorce rate. […]


Comments from San Francisco

By admin / February 4, 2017

COMMENT: Hi Marty, I am in San Francisco (though trying to move out)….and attended WEC Orlando. In reading the blog recently there is a lot of talk about Civil War and the US breaking up. I have to tell you that the election in San Francisco was pretty much devoid of Clinton or Trump signs anywhere. There […]


Deep State Told Obama to Prevent Trump from Ending Cold War with Russia

By admin / January 23, 2017

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Why do you defend Russia when they obviously tried to influence the election to defeat Hillary? You seem to be biased on this issue. Let me see you answer this one. ANSWER: You must enjoy just accepting whatever the media feeds you. The Obama Administration has deliberately created a cold war with Russia […]


Threats to Assassinate Trump

By admin / January 5, 2017

Schools such as Marshall High School in San Antonio are allowing skits portraying the assassination of President-elect Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Twitter has revealed the so-called Democratic left hates Trump, calling him a racist and intolerant, but they themselves are far worse for they are intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them. The riots in California […]


Merkel’s Refugee Nightmare

By admin / December 28, 2016

The prospect of Merkel winning reelection dwindles with each terrorist attack. This time refugee “youths” set a homeless person on fire in the Berlin underground station. They have been identified as refugees from Syria and Libya, police confirmed. They set a homeless person on fire as he slept in the train station Christmas Eve. It […]


Saddam Thought America Would Turn to Iraq for Help Against the Terrorists

By admin / December 27, 2016

Former CIA Agent John Nixon, the man who interrogated Saddam Hussein and briefed Bush Jr. and Dick Chaney, reveals how intelligence got everything dead wrong in Iraq. He goes into when he was summoned to give a detailed presentation to George W. Bush at the Oval Office back in 2007. He states that Vice President Dick […]


Erdogan Admits He is Engaging in War Against Syria

By admin / November 30, 2016

Erdogan has admitted that he is invading Syria to depose Assad’s government. We reported back on August 25th, 2016 that this was the most likely outcome of his invasion on August 24th. Indeed, August has been the time for starting war. Joe Biden went to Ankara last week on a mission to repair U.S.-Turkey relations, […]


Have the Democrats Unleashed a New Age Communist Revolution?

By admin / November 17, 2016

Understand one thing: revolutions emerge from the youth. With all the rhetoric hurled during the campaign, and Bernie Sanders promising free everything at the expense of anyone who works for a living, the youth have become an increasingly communistic generation. Typically, candidates promise everything and nobody really expects them to deliver. This election has hit a nerve simply because it […]

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