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Our Traditions are Often those of the Roman Empire

By admin / January 29, 2019

QUESTION: Just curious. Did the Romans ever celebrate their founding of Rome like we celebrate the fourth of July? ZT ANSWER: Oh yes. We seem to have adopted whatever they did as traditions as well. For example, there are nuns in the Catholic Church who take vows of chastity and are in theory married to […]


2018 Year-End Report

By admin / December 17, 2018

Here is the 2018 Year-End Report. This is Included with the WEC Events both in Orlando & Singapore this year. This includes specific details on a number of world share markets in addition to a table covering almost 700 individual instruments globally. The Table provides the name, 2017 closing, current position relative to 2017, Last price, Outside Reversal, […]


WEC 2018 Orlando

By admin / November 18, 2018

We would like to thank everyone for a great WEC. Thank you for all the comments saying this was the best one yet.


Merkel Has been the Face of Europe – So Get Ready!!!!

By admin / October 30, 2018

  Merkel has been the face of Europe – good, bad, or indifferent. Germany has been the major economy in Europe with France a distant second. We must understand that the fate of the Euro hinges on this position of Merkel. She has been a staunch supporter of austerity and the Green and AfD are […]


WEC Orlando November 16-17, 2018

By admin / August 21, 2018

This year’s World Economic Conference in Orlando will be the launchpad for what is to unfold as we move into 2020. We are holding it after the elections November 16-17 but as we move into the Pi Target on November 21st, which is typically most important politically. This has been the turning point marked 911 […]


Singapore WEC 2018

By admin / June 17, 2018

We want to thank everyone for a great WEC in Southeast Asia and the venue was excellent. The turn of events in the Malaysian peninsula were right on schedule with the change in government, which made a very interesting topic for this session. We will be looking forward to holding annual events in Asia in the […]

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