Disease Is Cyclical — They Want to Claim It Is Global Warming to Raise Your Taxes

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, it appears that even dengue fever comes and goes according to your 51.6 year frequency. Does this 8.6 year cycle appear just in everything around us? ANSWER: It certainly appears to be so. The dengue fever outbreak in 2015 appears to … Continue reading

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Market Talk – December 8, 2023

ASIA:   In November, China’s new loans are anticipated to have significantly increased compared to the previous month, surpassing the amount from the same period last year. According to a [...]
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Chuck Schummer is a Threat to the World

The Republicans have blocked funding for Ukraine, demanding restraints on the unrelenting onslaught of illegal aliens. Chuck Schumer has put out the propaganda that will risk everything the world has [...]
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