Cash is King


Hello Mr. Armstrong,

I read your blog every day. Thank you but i’m having trouble figuring out where to place my money moving forward. Cash, the markets, the banks, gold…. It feels like you are saying cash is the place to be right now but maybe i have a difficult time comprehending all that is going on

Where there be at time whereby you direct or inform where to place our money? or is that up to us to decide based on the trend you posts?

Thank you

DOWN Spiral

ANSWER: No. I have been saying right now we are still in the deflationary spiral and that is when CASH IS KING. This naturally depends upon where you are. The first quarter here may off the extremes for the year in most markets. So you want to be in a position to begin to come out of CASH for when CONFIDENCE begins to decline in GOVERNMENT (not just central banks since the majority do not even understand what they are), then we should begin to see the staging game prepare for what looks like the 2017-2020 move. Then you may want to be diversified with equities with good capitalization, some spec-stocks, gold, silver, and real estate (greatly dependent on area).

UPWARD SpiralFrom a TIMING perspective, this is the Great Alignment. We will be yelling loudly when the timing is right. Edging into this will begin this year. But when will this whole thing begin to unravel? That appears to be during the first half of 2017.

Keep in mind that if you read this blog, you are already in a position where you have lost CONFIDENCE in government. Do not judge the world based upon your view. What counts is the majority view and they still THINK government is in control and is actually there to help them. When they start to see this basic assumption is wrong, then everything changes.

The younger generation already has lost faith in government. It is the new voters pouring out for Sanders and Trump against the establishment. They see Social Security in the States as a TAX, not as a plan for their retirement. However, this same segment of society is too young to remember silver coinage. They do not have the same view of precious metal. Some funny video have appears offering a 10 ounce silver bar or a bar of chocolate. The vast majority of the people on the street take the chocolate. They are not on the same page. They could not even sell a 10 ounce silver bar for 99 cents. Not everyone sees the world with the same way.


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