South Carolina: Apple & Donald Trump

South Carolina 2-20-2016


Trump took South Carolina with less than 40%. Bush just has the wrong name and should give up. The real reasons to worry are Cruz and Rubio, as both would differ little from electing Hillary. Nothing would pass their desks on taxes that they would not sign next year. So we are in a war of the lesser of evils. Hopefully, Trump is pandering to the crowd when he talks of boycotting Apple. These people think that crime cannot be solved without surrendering all privacy. He should read the history of the Fourth Amendment. Perhaps then he would wake up and say — oh shit! A judge demanding they turn over source code is what I faced. There is a line and you cannot cross it without surrendering the fact that we are no longer a free society. Free speech means we must tolerate what others say when we disagree. Otherwise, we must lose our own right to speak freely. All rights have a line you cannot cross without losing your own.

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