The Two Faces of Hillary


QUESTION: Marty, do you think Hillary will just wipe us out when social security goes bust next year?

ANSWER: Absolutely. I cannot think of anyone I regard as more dangerous for the economy than Hillary. She is a greedy socialist who applies Marxism to everyone but herself and friends. She says that government creates job; not the private sector. Would the NY bankers support her if she stood against them? Goldman Sachs has publicly called Sanders dangerous, not Hillary. That proves the entire point. Hillary is a very astute politician. There are fewer women in politics because it is too much trouble to put makeup on two faces. Hillary has mastered that accomplishment. She is amazing. She can get votes from the rich and the poor by pretending to protect both from the other when speaking privately with a smile and a wink. Hillary is too smart to be a criminal. She figured out that politics earns much more and you can never be prosecuted.

Hillary will never release transcripts of her Goldman Sachs speeches because she sounded like a managing director of the firm (according to inside sources) and they clearly show how indebted she is to Goldman. She has had a 20+ year relationship with Goldman Sachs.

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