Welcome Goldman Sachs to the White House

Government Sachs

You really have to question what Trump was thinking when he commented that he supports punishing women for having illegal abortions. Of course, he has now come out and reversed his stance after saying women who undergo the procedure should face “some form of punishment” if doctors are outlawed from performing such procedures.

Legally he would be correct if Congress actually passed such a law. The president is not capable of doing anything more than signing or vetoing the bill. Since a bill must start in Congress and pass the House and Senate, even if a president did sign such a bill, then it goes to the Supreme Court. Anyone running for office, pledging one way or the other, is really placating a particular group on a particular issue. It is like running for office and saying you would invade Russia, which would take an act of war by Congress. Obama tried to invade Syria and lost that one. The press knows this, and if they were honest, the question would be: If Congress passed an act outlawing abortion, would you sign it?” They prefer to give the impression that a vote for Trump would make abortion illegal and send women to prison. They are deliberately misrepresenting the facts to influence the minds of whom they view as the stupid, Great Unwashed.

It appears more likely that Trump will not win the nomination, no less the White House. The real problem we face is no different if we have Cruz or Hillary. Nothing will change in government and your taxes will explode; when Social Security goes bust next year, both sides will raise taxes. Neither Democrats nor Republicans will want to be known as the party who killed FDR’s socialist agenda, even if they rob the money in there anyway.

So there will be no difference with Cruz or Hillary — both are bought and paid for. Goldman Sachs will own the White House no matter who wins. We should just get used to how bad things are going to be come 2017. By 2018, it looks really bad for politics. The establishment is fighting to keep things as they are, so this will give new meaning to “Government Sachs.”

More than 10,000 millionaires have left France. It is looking like we will have to do the same here in the States. You can bet the bankers will be exempt from tax increases. The rest of us are just the Great Unwashed.

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