Obama Wants Worldwide Taxes

Obama Organized Crime

Obama is calling for worldwide tax reform as is his socialist IMF candidate Christine Lagarde. “There is no doubt that the problem of global tax avoidance generally is a huge problem,” Obama said. This whole issue focuses on people not paying whatever the government demands. It never addresses government squandering money. Obama went on to say, “We shouldn’t make it legal to engage in transactions just to avoid taxes.” He further added that it is “the basic principle of making sure everyone pays their fair share.” These statements are dishonest and Orwellian, and it is frightening for the less educated cheers for them.

If one of your parents were American and you were born in Canada and paid taxes there your whole life, the IRS could still come after you because all Americans owe taxes to Washington even if you never lived here or used any services to justify paying your “fair share.” This statement is so twisted because the government sees whatever you earn as theirs and they want a share of your earnings regardless if it is fair or not. They rob us of the money we pay into Social Security and never allow the average person to earn money for retirement. The “rich” get rich from investments; not wages. They rob citizens of their money and then promise to provide future payments that are never invested anything.

When will the ignorant wake-up?

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