Freedom Party Wins First Round in Austria’s Presidential Elections


NorbertHoferMerkel’s invitation to Muslims to come to Europe without limitation has destroyed the very fabric of Europe. Now, Austria’s Freedom Party, an anti-Europe and anti-immigration far-right political party, won more than a third of the vote in the presidential election on Sunday. This should be no surprise. Norbert Hofer will now face an independent in next month’s run-off. We are witnessing the collapse of Austria’s two-party system since neither will make the cut for the first time. The national election is turning very anti-immigration with a campaign that focuses on the impact of the crisis that was created after approximately 100,000 asylum seekers poured into the country beginning last summer.

EU ImmigrationNorbert Hofer ran on an anti-immigration and anti-Europe platform and won 36.4% of the vote to become head of state. He will face Alexander Van der Bellen, a former Green Party figurehead, who won 20.4% according to official preliminary results. While the opposite attempts to paint these rising people as racists even in Britain, the reality of this nonsense is that the security of Europe can no longer be assured. This simple act is tearing politics apart at the seams. People are calling this racism when in fact it has nothing to do with race. The immigrants are both black and white. There is no possible way to claim this is a racist issue.

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